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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's THAT Time Again!!

I am sorry if you are not a footy fan but up here in Queensland in our household we can only be described as rabid "State of Origin" fans. In case you don't know what that is....every year we Rugby League fans battle for bragging rights against New South Wales in a 3 game series competition. Currently we have won SEVEN yes I said 7777 in a row. So our mission....
We are all set here in our household....
This is Mr R's pride and joy. His Wally Lewis commemorative Jersey. I love Wally Lewis' comment to Phil Gould the other week when he (stupidly) said to Wal "you must be getting tired of winning by now" to which The King replied "yep about as tired as you guys were when you won 20 in a row in the old days when you had all our Queensland players" Yay! Wal!
So all there is left to say is GO QUEENSLAND !!!!!!!!
Well now that I have that out of my you know I have been trying to clear up a few things that have been waiting for may remember this one that I started.
I think I scared myself because it is far brighter than what I would usually use but I fell in love with the background fabric and that pink spot. So pretty! I figure it does you good sometimes to leap out of your comfort zone.
I knew I wanted the finish to look a certain way but couldn't achieve it. However thanks to my lovely friend Lorel and her lovely friend Leonie who stipple quilted it beautifully for me I am thrilled with how it now looks. So I just have to sew the backing down and it has already found some interest from one of our Quilting magazines....doing the happy bunny dance here.
That is it from me for today....some domestic goddess duties for me today.
I want to leave you with a sweet piece of artwork from Kindred Spirits just because I love it.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. hope your queensland team win for you Michelle and love your green and pink,very pretty,have a lovely day Michelle.xx

  2. I agree Michelle.....GO THE MAROONS.... Love your new project. The colours in the fabrics are beautiful,definitely not too bright.

  3. Even though I was born in NSW i am a Qld supporter. I have two Qld babies and lived there for a few's a great State.

  4. What a gorgeous project Michelle. I love the fabrics you have used.

  5. So NSW has a tally of 20 in a row??? You Queenslanders has a Loooooooooong way to go yet.LOL
    Go the Blues!!!
    I love your pretty sewing - much nicer than footy talk.

  6. Hi Michelle - I actually Love the colours you have used even tho they are not really my colours either - they look great & so fresh. Its good to step outside our comfort zones sometimes (scary tho). Julie :-)

  7. Such a pretty quilt! Is there a football match on? Yawn......

  8. Good luck with the game. I am sure it will be on here, too.
    I love the colours in your quilt. Bright is good!

  9. Go the BLUES! You've got to loose sometime. Love the polka dots. Sharyn:)

  10. I didnt even know there was another kind of game besides AFL!

  11. well it is the morning after and I am Ausified enough to not talk about the game..... hmmm
    just love that work of yours... beautiful... and the colours highlight it well.


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