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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lots of Circles

Well we got to share some of the Birthday boys cake yesterday....Ninja Turtle cake no less... cutting the cake with Daddy. We partied very hard and I am sure slept very soundly. Lots of cuddles with Miss Charlotte as well :)
I also FINALLY got to have a cuddle of my youngest Granddaughter Erin....ahhh so lovely.
A bit chilly this morning so we were a little bit of a snuggly bunny.
Ok....sewing? I have been really enjoying quietly sitting and hand appliquing my circles down. I had to change the background fabric because some of the lighter ones looked nothing on the cream.
Don't you like the way I pressed them so beautifully for you to view....sorry about that.
They are just so pretty...I love them.
I have also finished Block 2 of the "Frosty" blocks which seems very apt at present.
Block 3 is in the hoop and on the go....
I must apologise for not getting around to everyone's blogs at present ( I am so far behind) but I am having issues with my Tablet and as I use it to read all your wonderful blogs instead of hooking up to the big computer and also when I have some spare minutes I am finding it very difficult without it. I am off to see the folks where I bought it today so hopefully I will be back to "normal" soon. If someone Had told me 3 years ago that I would be this dependant on technology I would have said "You have rocks in your head" but here I am as addicted to my gadgets like the rest of the known universe. See what you have all done to me.
Have a super Tuesday,
Take care of you.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. aawwhh Michelle she is so cute and look at all that dark hair,she is a cutie.Happy birthday little man and love your projects Michelle have a great day.,xx

  2. Awww so cute. She does look all warm & snuggly. Love the projects & i hope you get you tablet sorted out. Yes i know exactly what you mean about being addicted to gadgets. :). Hugs,xx.

  3. Glad you got your cuddles at last. The Rural Jardin blocks are coming along. Love the red work frosties.
    Hope you have a great week also Michelle and get your tablet sorted out. Hugs.....

  4. Yaay for cuddles, what a cutie, The birthday boy had a fun cake to celebrate his birthday with :-) Your circles look beautiful and round and I love your Frosty block too.

  5. A lovely post Michelle, your little Grandies are gorgeous.
    Good luck with your Tablet, I am also frustrated at the moment, Blogger has changed and won't let me post.
    Waiting on my Grandies to sought me out.
    Hugs R.

  6. No shortage of cuties for you to cuddle. Love the circle appliqué, simple, but will make a striking quilt. I am addicted to my technology too. :)

  7. We all love our gadgets! Your little grandies are very cute. You're right, that darker fabric is a better choice.

  8. So glad you got lots of cuddles. happy birthday to your grandson. Love the cake!

  9. Gorgeous cute photos of your Grandies, and lovely birthday cake there. Your circles are looking great.

  10. Yes, it is amazing how we rely on our gadgets now. But it also has introduced to a whole new world with our crafting!
    So glad you finally had some really good cuddles. She looks adorable.
    Good to see the cake cutting went well, too.
    There appears to be lots of progress with the circles and I agree that the frosties are very appropriate at the moment.
    Good luck with sorting out the tablet.

  11. your grandbabies are so gorgeous. no wonder you are tired sharing yourself between them all.
    lovely block 2 and your circles are certainly multiplying nicely.

  12. So special to spend time with your grandchildren and especially to finally get that cuddle in with sweet little Erin , so adorable .love the circles and also the snowmen. Hope you get your tablet issues worked out , I am pretty dependent on mine too ;-) hugs Sheila

  13. such beautiful babes and happy birthday to your little cutie.

  14. Ah!! So many gorgeous little ones to cuddle. Looks like the little fella had a great birthday..
    Love the new stitchery..

  15. Your grandies are so gorgeous Michelle. Your circles are looking fantastic, as is your latest snowy block

  16. You have been blessed with beautiful grandbabies. Your circles do look fun. The header picture of your blog is so lovely, Michelle.

  17. Such adorable little grand babies. They bring so much joy. Cute stitching too.

  18. I own it - I'm completely addicted to all my computers ( I have three so I have aback up for my back up - just in case )

    Looks Like Master 3 had a great day. That cake is awesome and the girls are gorgeous. Thank goodness you finally got that hug.

    Your circles are coming along nicely. They look fabulous!

  19. love the grandiebabies.... Erin has the cutest round cheeks....
    pretty blocks... you are doing well with the applique and of course I love the stitched work... brrr... Mr cold is visiting us too..


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