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Thursday, June 27, 2013

We're Back!!!

QUEENSLANDER!!!!! Woo hoo! We are back in contention for the Series now...
Our Mighty Queensland Maroons walloped the NSW Blues last night at the "Cauldron" in Brisbane so we are now back on track to contest the series next month....sooooo love being a Queenslander.
Phew! Now that I have that out of my system I can tell you what a lovely day I had yesterday (besides State of Origin) with my stitching girls which was hosted by the lovely Moira. She fed us delicious food until we were just about overflowing and finished with this delicious Raspberry swirl cake.
And can you see Moira loves the same china that I do. Made the cake taste even better.
We had a fun day. Thanks so much Moira. Now I thought my circles were pretty cool but you should see my friend Lorel's.
They are made with a series of little narrow strips sewn together (I forgot to ask their size) and they then have a light square placed over the top and the circles are reverse appliqued in place.
They were just amazing so just wanted to share them with you. I also forgot to ask where or what pattern it was. We also had lots of knitting going on as well yesterday from Bev and Gaye.
I did actually do some stitching as well and talking.
You may remember that I have been musing over what to use my French General Rouenneries Deux  fabric and charm squares for. I wanted to showcase the fabrics and use as much of it as possible. So after the 'circles' idea with the other French General charm squares I decided I fancied having some "French" china.
I decided to use these English paper pieces I bought at a stitching show last year for Dresden plates.
This is my progress so far.
There are 16 small blades in each plate so it is not quick to come together but I am enjoying it so far and as I love Dresden of my favourites I am really happy that I have settled on this design. The other good thing is that as the blades are narrow I get at least 2 maybe three from each charm square. So glad I picked up that little kit at the show.
Well domestic duties are on the go for today....hunting and gathering and then hopefully getting some order to rein on my dining room table which is at present covered with patterns in various stages on assembly plus Mr R. caravanning magazines and data as he works out the logistics for our next road trip...I thought I was bad with my quilting mags...oh my word!!!!
Have a lovely day everyone...oh can you hear that terrible wailing???? It's just the NSW Blues supporters don't worry...hehehe!
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. You are one cheeky Queenslander!!! But congrats on the win last night!
    I LoVe the Dresden too... always sooo pretty no matter what fabric choice! :)

  2. What a lovely read this post is!!
    Michelle, even though my only connection ever to QLD is that my bro lives in Cairns, I always go for QLD in the SOR, and my fave AFL team is Brisbane. I have no idea how that happened...
    Enjoy your Desdens, they look great so far x

  3. lol glad to see you won some chocolate this time Michelle,lol,love those dresden plates,gorgeous in french general.xx

  4. Great about the maroons. At least now it is an even playing field for Game 3. Love your dresdens, they are on my list to do one day. Wonderful post. Hugs.....

  5. I knew we'd be hearing from you today.....a very exciting score! Love your Dresden plates, so dainty in that size too.

  6. Mitchell made me watch the game last night as I was stitching! I really don't understand it at all. Just a group of bulky men playing stacks on, if you ask me! LOL! Your dresden looks great.

  7. Love the Dresden plates. The circles look amazing too.

  8. That will be a very pretty Dresden plate quilt! I wasn't taking any notice whatsoever last night of who won or lost (not that I do anyway) - I was watching events unfolding in Canberra. It put football into the shade, I thought.

  9. I think there will be a few people feeling blue today.... ..
    Love your dresdens... one day I will do some... and thanks for showing those other circles.. what a fun technique...

  10. I think Canberra won our attention last night lol
    I love your dresdens and the perfect fabric choice too!

  11. What a great idea to use those beautiful squares for Dresden plates! I have never done DPs with papers but am inspired to buy a pack. Did you use the 2 inch ones? My husband was so worried that the events of last night in Canberra would delay TV coverage of the game! But it didn't and when Queensland scored in the first few minutes or so, I reckon our friends in northern NSW could have heard his cheering! Lol

  12. Love those striped circles - that would look good with selvedges too. Love the dresden plates - I have always loved that pattern.
    mmm no comment on that football rubbish.

  13. The third game is going to be VERY exciting!
    Thanks for showing the circles. they look great. Lots of work there.
    The fabric looks perfect in the Dresden plates. They will look very nice when finished. Good luck!
    It is an inconvenience to have to clear the dining table - it works so well as a work station and collection point for everything!

  14. Congrats , looks like an exciting 3rd game to come.hubbie got to watch it on the side of a trailer in the Bungle Bungles. I really like the stripe circles. Sharyn:)

  15. I was barracking for Qld for you Michelle. Love the dresden plates and the most beautiful fabrics you have used.Great way to use a charm pack

  16. That cake looks so good!

    I love those reverse appliqué circles. Ive seen those done before but never strip pieced. Thats a clever idea!

    And using your French General for those Dresdens was inspired. They look fantastic.

    Im like Switzerland when it comes to rugby-completely neutral.


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