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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mixed Bag

Well where to start. Firstly the clever ladies from the "Quilted Gumboot" in Taihape in New Zealand have been working on my little reindeers in Down Reindeer Lane and have sent me a photo...want to see??
Last year these lovely ladies stitched Christmas Bakeshop. I think they might be a little partial to Christmas like me. Big thanks to Pauline owner of "The Quilted Gumboot" for sending me the photo to share and for her wonderful support across 'the ditch'.
I have a little sneaky peek of my little Friendship Birdie that you all were so kind in your comments about.

And in the 'what's next' in the stitching department.....the Frosties won out.
They all drawn out and ready to go.....little excited. Love a new project. Especially Snowmen!!!
Now you just knew there would be more baby pics so if you are not that way inclined look away now.
My first cuddles...

Very proud Nanna and Grampy.
Wide awake...
Such a dear little girl....and we are not biased at all. The exciting thing is that little Charlotte is going to have some company in just 3 weeks and we get to do this all over again.
Have a great day everyone.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Charlotte is beautiful and to think that you get to do it all over again in a couple of weeks. That is so special. Enjoy. Hugs

  2. Beautiful first cuddles and lucky you getting to do it all again soon.

  3. Charlotte is sooooo gorgeous!! Lucky Grandma!! As usual the stitchery's are looking fab-love the snowmen!! well done the gumbooters from Taihape!!

  4. Charlotte is just lovely..... and I love the chosen name.... beautiful....
    How great to see your Christmas quilt in different versions ... and I just love that birdie... and yay for the frosties... it will be lovely

  5. Charlotte looks so sweet. How exciting to have another little one due to arrive. I don't know how you can concentrate on stitching with so much excitement.

  6. Ooh goody, glad the snowmen won out in the stitching department. Looking cute from the sneaky peak, as does your little birdie. Little Charlotte is so gorgeous - bet there will be lots of cuddles

  7. Michelle, little Charlotte is so cute, I hope her Mum is recovering well...
    Very precious family times indeed x

  8. what a joy to welcome this special little girl into your family and she is a cutie.lots of lovely stitching there Michelle.xx

  9. Charlotte is beautiful and how exciting that you do this again soon. It will be so nice for the little cousins being able to grow up together. Your designs look beautiful, nice seeing them made up in different colours, love the birdie, hugs Wendy

  10. Beautiful and peaceful baby, she is so cute, and another one soon! How lucky are you?
    Love the sneak peak! I need to stitch that one for sure!

  11. How cute are all those Stitcheries ! It must make your heart sing to see people taking your patterns and turning them into such beautiful works of art.

    Miss Charlotte is such a cutie and you look like one very proud Nanna!

  12. Congratulations to the new Nanna and Grandpa times ahead for you!

  13. Hi Michelle - Charlotte is just a gorgeous wee soul & I love her name. Those christmas stitcheries are pretty gorgeous too !!! Lucky you getting another wee grandchild in 3 weeks :-) Julie

  14. Charlotte is just so cute! Thanks for sharing some pics with us. Beautiful sewing as always and its great to see others enjoying your designs so much too.

  15. Not fair Michelle. I want another one of those too. Charlotte is so beautiful. I'll have to wait till I become a Great Grandma so will be waiting for a while I think. Hugs....

  16. She is totally gorgeous. Congratulations, again. Enjoy all those wonderful cuddles!
    Look forward to seeing those Frosties.

  17. Lovely stitcheries. That little bird is just so beautiful in blue and surrounded by those blue fabrics.

  18. Ohhh she is GORGEOUS Michelle!!!!!
    Oh Nanna what a lovely pic of the first cuddle! Just a good practice to redo cuddles again in a SHORT while! WooHoo lucky you!!! :)

  19. Ohhh what a lovely picture of you two with Charlotte !!!!


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