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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Diamond Day

Sometimes we are very fortunate to have one of those 'special days'. Yesterday was such a day. In a favourite place with favourite people. I travelled up the range with my lovely friend Teresa to Highfields to visit gorgeous Fiona.
Don't they look happy amongst all that gorgeousness at the Quilter's Angel.
We had a lovely play in here. (Don't you love Fiona's bag that clever Marina made her. Tried to work our how to sneak it into my bag but Fiona wouldn't give it up) A couple of my purchases....
I said a much ya buy on the mountain remains a secret.
I was also spoilt rotten by beautiful gifts from Teresa and Fiona. Very naughty but oh so nice.
My fingers have flicked that gorgeous charm pack a dozen or more times already. As we each have one of those fantastic mugs, it will be so nice to know we are all sipping our favourite brews from them....whilst blogging of course. LOL. Aren't you impressed that the chocolate is still intact.
Fiona showed us some of the other lovely sites and we had a yummy lunch at the Danish Flower Farm where I am afraid to say Teresa and I ran amok....check out lunch. We also had the company of the most gorgeous silky bantam chookie while we ate.
Loved every moment of our day....even being stuck in the road works on the range coming home didn't dampen our spirits. Teresa and I just did what we do best....chatted and laughed.
Thank you Fiona for being our wonderful genereous hostess and Teresa for being such great company on our journey.
NOW! Sewing! Well as I am still deliberating my next project (snowmen vs bears on holidays???)I thought I might do a little catch up so I have been doing a little stitching on my Christmas redwork blocks that "Miss Mistletoe" threw out of my basket with relish last year and hence they never made it to being an actual quilt.
I am enjoying them and I was surprised to discover I had done more of them than I thought...3 more to go.
That is about it from me. I am off to package up some more of my "Christmas Memories" BOM  as I am very excited to say I sold some at AQC....thank you lovely people. Don't forget you can still get yours at the
"Patchwork Teahouse"

Lastly to all our Service Men and Women both past and present I would like to say Thank You!
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. sounds like you all got up to some mischief,lol,so nice to spend the day with friends,it will be my turn soon.xx
    Lest we forget.xx

  2. How lovely to spend the day with Bloggy friends

  3. Friends, food and shopping, a lovely way to spend the day.

  4. so wish I could have muscled in on that get together. Fiona has promised me one if I make it to her neck of the woods. One day....
    I can imagine all the laughing and chit chat..

  5. Hi Michelle, oh it sounds like you had a most wonderful day - isnt it fun & inspiring spending time with friends that love what you do. And I adore your gifts, especially that mug!!! I think it is awesome. Happy sewing this (wet) Anzac Day, Julie :-)

  6. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day with such special girls for company.

  7. What a lovely day you had, bet the weather was gorgeous up there yesterday. Next time you pop up there wave hi to me as you pass Ipswich!

  8. Fabric and friends. Sounds like a great day. Love your purchases.

  9. Sounds like a lovely day was had by all Michelle.
    also I loved your Anzac tribute, great Photo.
    Hugs R.

  10. That is the best day out! LOL about the purse being so covetted... x

  11. Wow... what a great day you all had! Love all the pretties in the background too!

  12. Lucky you having a day on the mountain with Fiona and Teresa. That lunch certainly looks yummy.

  13. What happens up the mountain, stays up the mountain.....

  14. Looks like a great day Michelle. Sharyn:)

  15. What a fab day, there is nothing more inspiring! Love the buys and the mug!! Look forward to more stitcheries???

  16. Definitely a diamond day .... I liked the 'what happens up the mountain, stays up the mountain' comment!!! haha.... that santa is gorgeous....

  17. Wow what a wonderful day you had with Teresa and Fiona. Will have to put The Quilters Angel on my wish list. Look forward to seeing what those purchases end up in.Look forward to seeing more of those little redwork stitcheries

  18. How good was this day??? Looks like loads of fun and mischief.
    Glad you had a wonderful time.

  19. Lucky you. Sounds like a brilliant day.

  20. Certainly sounds like a Fun day!!

  21. What a wonderful day with friends!
    Such a cute cup :)


  22. Lovely photos of you all, sounds like such a nice day. The gifts are beautiful and I love your Santa. xx

  23. What a lovely day Michelle....I'd love to go that shop one day!

  24. Looks like an amazing day full of fun , good food and fabulous company.

    I think we all deserve to know exactly how much you bought up on the mountain!

  25. Looks like you ladies had a lovely day.
    Loving your red Santa.


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