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Friday, April 12, 2013

Damp Friday

Lots of showers coming and going here today so after my Yoga class and some yummy pumpkin soup for lunch I settled in for a spot of stitching and my little bear block just happened to be dodging showers too.
I have just finished it....
She doesn't look all that pleased about the weather either. I am quite pleased at my progress with these blocks and only have a few more to go IF I don't get side tracked.
I have been meaning to show you the "hubby tripper" aka a wooden towel rack/ quilt rack I bought on holidays at a bargain price (where I bought the lovely Winton plate). I think I am going to be one of those old ladies that will never consider whether or not it fits in....I'll make it fit....hang on I already am!!!!
It now lives at the top of my stairs....side view.
I think it looks lovely with it's quilts. So far only a few toe bangs by No 1 Husband. lol.
Tonight Hubby is cooking (chinese takeaway from our favourite shop) so I am not sure if I will continue on with the next bear block or do a little quilting job.
Decisions, decisions! Are you kicking up your heels to mark the end of the working week or are you like me and doing some quiet stitching?
I hope you find some stitching time this weekend.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Ohh what a sweet bear! I was just saying to De today that you always do the nicest bears. (We were looking at one of my new library books and commenting on the not so good bears in there). I am stitching tonight too. I think it should be every Friday LOL. xx debbie

  2. Love the little bear...your stitching is always exquisite!

  3. I love that bear block Michelle. Also your quilt rack is gorgeous and looks wonderful where you have it. Yes we have takeaways on a Friday night too & it is lovely to have a night off cooking & focus on more crafting. Happy weekend, Julie Xo

  4. Such a gorgeous Stitchery Bear..
    Hope you got lots more stitching done.
    Love the quilt stand...

  5. The bear is so cute. You make me want to stitch . I might just have to get something started on the weekend.
    I love your husband tripper. I think you are a women after my own heart. I am always trying to make things fit after I have bought them.

  6. Your little bear is a darling....the raindrops are so cute. I am kicking up my heels AND's school holidays!

  7. cooler day here too but not much rain... love your stitchery... I am jealous of your quilt holder.... a wonderful way to display them....
    I'll be stitching in a bit...

  8. That is indeed a cute little bear, even if she doesn't like the can send it to us here, if you don't want it!

  9. Hi Michelle your little bear looks very cute under her umbrella and what a great idea to use the towel rack for your quilts,have a lovely weekend my friend.xx

  10. love the technical for the quilt rack-hubby tripper. lol
    I have two of them and they do catch the unwary.
    Lovely little bear... enjoy your stitching.

  11. Your bear looks great Michelle, albeit a little sad. No stitching for me tonight but hopefully on Sunday :) Cheers, Tracy

  12. Your bears are lovely, I think I am in love! Same here weather wise, showers, sun, wind, then showers again, forecast is for lots of sunshine next week, oh I do hope so. Love your quilt rack, I keep looking here for a wooden one so far not found one. Enjoy your Chinese!!! Hugs xx

  13. Hi Michelle, love that gorgeous little bear, love the "Hubby Tripper"L.O.L.and also the way your Hubby cooks.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs R.

  14. SO many lovely things on your blog at the moment. Love teddy with her cute umbrella. I'll have some rain down this way if you have had enough lol. Very dry as I am gardening today and have to water before I can weed the next section. Roll on winter please.

  15. Great quilt rack. Definitely a must have for displaying your lovely work.
    And, yes, I buy things and make them fit, rather than checking first.
    Another lovely bear, regardless of the weather.

  16. Your bear block is again beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Another gorgeous bear, they are all so cute...great bargain hunting, perfect...

  18. Your little bear is very cute Michelle despite the weather. Lol I have a few husband trippers around my house too

  19. Your bear is so sweet. I love teddy bears. Your stitching is beautiful. What a great deal on a wonderful quilt rack. The way it is made is just beautiful.

  20. Cute bear, we got the rain stuff today. Nice.
    Love the hubby tripper. Perfect for your purpose.


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