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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Complete Roll Call

Yesterday I spent the day with my stitching friends at the very lovely Sandra's home. It was a great day and for once everyone was present which was so nice. Seems these days one or more of us is going off here or there. Our friend Denise is off to S.A. for a nice adventure with her hubby. I wish them safe travels.
Sandra ( who just happens to have the best taste in everything) is making another gorgeous quilt in the softest  and prettiest hues. Lorel and I managed to talk (coerce) her into a photo with it. I didn't have my camera with me..I know terrible but luckily my friend Lorel could oblige.
It is just soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing it Sandra.
I have returned to my little Bears and have finished another block No 7 and I am now working on No 8.
As I have been stitching a few gifts from my Stitcher's Alphabet pattern I decided I would like one myself. So I have stitched my Initial and chosen the fabric and hopefully will get my very own "M" journal made soon.
I thought I would try it in multi colours rather than redwork and I quite like how it turned the spotty fabric.
I must dash. Lots of chores to do today, mostly "Domestic Goddess" stuff and you know how I love that.
Enjoy your day and be kind to yourself.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Glad you enjoyed aday with your friends , Sandra's quilt is beautiful . Your bear stitchery is adorable .
    Hugs Sheila

  2. The quilt is beautiful. Love the snowman & your "m". Hugs,xx

  3. such a pretty quilt from Sandra - your stitcheries are as usual delightful. I am about to start my first letter from your alphabet book - looking forward to it.

  4. your stitcheries are gorgeous Michelle,have an awesome day.xx

  5. Your stitcheries are beautiful. How nice to enjoy a stitching day with your friends.

  6. Nothing nicer than a day with friends! The "M" looks wonderful too and of all people YOU should have your own stitched M... :)

  7. Hello Michelle,

    Love your stitching. Sandra's quilt is so lovely. Love how it is layered.

    Have a great day Michelle.

  8. Sandra's quilt is lovely. Your journal is going to look fantastic!

  9. Very pretty quilt and your journal is looking good. I have traced out M, C and B to make goodies for friends. They don't sew so I just left off the stitching things.

  10. Sandra's quilt is beautiful. Love your teddy and snowman block and your beautiful M. Your stitching is lovely, hugs Wendy

  11. That is such a pretty quilt.... and I think those colours are timeless .... love your stitchery and the alphabet looks great in different colours... glad you are doing a journal for yourself.... loved the set you sent to Christine...

  12. Gorgeous colours in the quilt.
    Lovely to see the bears blocks growing in numbers. And the stitched letter is lovely. Great to have a stitching day with friends.

  13. I just love your letter "M" Michelle. I think the colours work beautifully.

  14. Lovely stitcheries, and your friend's quilt is fantastic!


  15. So while I've been hanging on the couch with my 'other' needles, you've been stitching up all manner of wonderful. Your bears are beautiful and I love the gorgeous stitched letters. Your M looks fabulous in full colour.
    Enjoy your stitching.

  16. Hope you did well with your domestic goddessing, Michelle! Sandra's quilt is very pretty - and your stitching is superb. I am looking forward to receiving my Alphabet book :-)

  17. Can't wait to see the end result of those cute little bears Michelle. Your little notebook is going to be lovely

  18. Always a good day when spent stitching with friends...the bear and snowman stitchery is so darn cute...


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