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Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Ted

Good morning all. I am beginning today's post by telling you about the cutest little Bear with a huge liking for Plum Pudding ( I think I may have been channelling myself really). But oh what a tummy ache he has!!!When my dear friend Sandy over at Cookies and Cream Craft commissioned me to create a special little pattern exclusively for her on line shop "Pudding Ted" was born. I think he is extremely cute and hope you like him too!
Sandy has kits to make him just as you see here. He is only available from Cookies and Cream Craft.

No Yoga for me today as I am still stiff and sore from my balletic efforts on Saturday :(
My lovely friend Gaye and I have had similar love affairs, mine lasted 9 years and hers 14 years. The objects of our affections were our beloved Staffy dogs. Sadly Gaye had to say goodbye to her gorgeous boy Gruffy just recently and I know how she feels. There ain't no love like "Staffy Love". So I decided to make her a little keepsake of Gruff.....
Yes I know it is not a "Staffy" but I have used a little poetic license and as Gaye loves vintage and blue I think she will love him all the same.
I am going back to my baby quilts and I am keeping one eye on the sky so I have plenty of time to hobble down to the line to get the washing in.
I wish you a lovely week.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle hopefully your leg will be at its worse today and start healing from tomorrow onwards,hope no damage has been done.Now that teddy is so very cute also,i think i am slowly being converted,lol.xx
    ps well done on such a cute pattern you are so clever.

  2. Oh, I hope your sore spots heal soon! That's a cute puppy and the fabric is sweet, I'm sure your friend will love it. That's one sweet teddy too.

  3. I just love that teddy. :) The little dog is so cute. Hugs,xx.

  4. That is one well stuffed teddy - very cute! And a lovely gift for your friend to treasure.

  5. Puddy Ted is gorgeous Michelle!!!
    And your friend will cherish her staffy forever now with your handmade keepsake. Just lovely! :)

  6. Pudding Ted is so gorgeous. As is the little "Gruffy " keepsake. Hope your leg starts feeling better soon.

  7. Puddin Teddy is so darn cute. I just love teddies. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Many Hugs

  8. Gorgeous teddy and the blue toile dog is so sweet. Hope that your leg gets better soon.

  9. your Pudding Ted is so cute. Hope the aches and pains go away soon.

  10. Its hard to loose a much loved pet but your dog looks so cute. Look after yourself.

  11. Very cute Ted, and the little dog is lovely. Maybe he should meet up with one of Shez's bunnies. Hope you feel bett soon.

  12. I love that stitchery, sooo cute and the colours are divine. Must get myself a kit! thanks.
    Hope your knee is starting to feel better.

  13. lovely stitchery and such a 'meaning of life' question too!
    what a thoughtful little gift for your friend.

  14. Your little teddy is adorable Michelle and so is the little dog , your friend will love it :-) Sorry to hear your leg is still sore , hope it heals soon :-)

  15. Your faux staffy is gorgeous Michelle. Im sure Gaye will treasure it always.

    And your new pattern looks fantastic too.

  16. Hope your knee is feeling much better Michelle, somehow I missed the post about your fall.
    your little pudding bear is so cute, he really has over indulged. I am sorry to hear little Gruff has gone to doggy Heaven, I'm sure Gaye will love your keepsake.
    Hugs R.

  17. Nothing worse than a sore knee...I do hope it gets better soon. I love your stitchery for Sandy! Nothing like a full bear lol

  18. Too much pudding is gorgeous, love the little puppy for your friend.

  19. Love the teddy!
    Gorgeous in red.
    Ooh, cute puppy, perfect for cuddling.

  20. Hopefully you are getting back to normal by now! I love your little bear pattern, it is a real cutie, and the dog is lovely too, Wendy x

  21. Such a lovely stitched pillow!
    And the dog toy is so cute!



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