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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Bit of Retail Therapy & Stitching.

We went down to Byron Bay for the day whilst on holidays and I did a little shopping. There are lots of "my" kinda shops in Byron. Not so Mr R. who came along grudgingly. So what did I buy.? Well you know how I love my dollar to do double duty, I could not resist this little silver medallion from Blue Turtles in a display in a very cute little shop.
It has the Sanskrit word "Ahimsa" stamped on one side and the meaning on the other which is by the way non-violence to self or others. Sometimes like all of us I need reminding to be kinder to myself and others. It is so simple and beautiful and I thought a little gentle reminder never goes astray. A percentage of the purchase goes to Blue Turtles Community Care fund. Love that! I also couldn't resist that yummy soft scarf in my favourite hues. So light and pretty.
My other purchase was an absolute bargain and I am not even going to tell you how much it cost as I am afraid they followed me home to tell me they made a mistake afterall.....
A Royal Winton sandwich tray to match my lovely inherited jug. Oh so thrilled with this one and to be fair I did ask a couple of times if it was the correct price and was told emphatically YES!!! So what could a china loving girl do but say "thank you I'll take it!" and hurry out the shop.
While in Byron I wanted to visit the Community Centre to see where they have the "International Peace Candle" that burns continually there. You may remember I posted about it last I did (with much eyebrow raising from Mr R. I might add)
There is a lovely plaque there asking us what we can contribute to peace within our world and I thought it was well worth pondering. More stitching I say!!! Less time to put your foot in your mouth that way if there is already thread there. Speaking of stitching.....two more 'beary' cute girls as promised.
Although the next little Ted looks decidedly cross at having been disturbed whilst at her quilting.
Maybe I was channelling myself when I suffer "quiltus interuptus" hee hee.
I have also been busy since I arrived home catching up on mail and swaps and I have this little package to leave with my friendly postie tomorrow.
Is it coming to your mailbox????? Hmmm! Have to wait and see.
Lastly I would like to say a huge big thank you to those of you who have purchased "Christmas Memories" from the lovely Marilyn at The Patchwork Teahouse as my first BOM I am more than thrilled that they are flying out the door.
Also "Stitcher's Alphabet". I have just had to go and have a whole lot more printed....fantastic! Thank you!
I think that is it for today. I feel that  a bit of quiet stitching is in order now. Hope you can manage some as well.
Enjoy what's left of your day.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I am just drooling over that dish. It is beautiful. Congratulations on your sales. I love your BoM. I also love that lady bear quilting. She does have the cutest look on her face.

  2. Your medaillon and scraf are beautiful as well the dish you bought... love that pink color !!
    Your christmas BOM i also looking so bright and beautiful. And I love that needlebook (?) with the C on it.
    Your bear stitching is loooking great. Never made any stitcheries with more then one color myself.

  3. And what are those little bears going to turn into. Can't wait to see. Great purchases. Hugs......

  4. what a great way to get some therapy, I have a couple of items from the same pattern and colours as your dish I do use then on the rare family get togethers... where my grandmothers, pass to mum then to ME

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day in the shops! Retail therapy goes a long way! Your stitcheries are wonderful, as always!

  6. that plate is gorgeous! and love the Christmas wall hanging ...

  7. Love all your purchases Michelle, and most definitely that beautiful plate. Love, love your bears - is that a new pattern coming I wonder. New your new Christmas BOM would be a "best seller" (and your cute alphabet). Have my 1st part of your BOM out ready to trace tomorrow - have a day off yippee

  8. what gorgeous goodies that followed you home!
    well done on your patterns selling so well.
    Great holiday pics in your previous post, lots of yum food too. Welcome home.

  9. Beautiful purchases. Don't you just love it when you find a great bargain. Lots of lovely stitching too....happy days for you.

  10. Lovely purchases. I am so happy your fabulous talent is being recognised and your patterns are selling well. Everything you draw is gentle and charming - just like you. Suppose you can tell I'm a huge fan....big hugs

  11. Your sandwich plate is the bomb. I cant even guess how much of a bargain that was - but lucky you!

  12. You can not beat retail therapy!!! I love all your purchases especially the china plate!! Gorgeous stitching also-who can resist a bear???

  13. L-O-V-E your bears Michelle... so any wonder the patterns are flying out the shop. Who could resist them? :)

  14. Oh that dish is simply gorgeous , what a nice find. I love your new pendant and the meaning as well . As usual your little bear stitcheries are just delightful:-) Hugs Sheila

  15. Love the bears and so glad that the BOM at the Teahouse is going well. Thought it would. I am also for retail therapy!

  16. you are such a hippie!!! why did we not just stay in the 60's????
    YOur teddies are just gorgeous and so pleased your patterns are doing well...


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