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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Morning Down By the Bay

Yesterday I went for a lovely drive down to our bay area to visit my friend Gaye who has been a bit under the weather, recovering from some surgery and also to deliver her little "toile" Gruffy keepsake dog to her. I told you in a previous post her beloved dog Gruffy passed away recently. She absolutely loved him (tears were shed by both of us) and has found a special place for him. Gaye has a wonderful native garden and it was lovely to go for a wander through it with her. I thought I would share a couple of photos with you. At the moment these trees are in bloom everywhere around here and Gaye has one in her back garden.
I forgot to ask Gaye what it is called. It is such a picture and the blossom is gorgeous.
There was also a couple of pretty gingers in bloom.
We both received cuttings of this plant at the same time. Gayes's looks like this and all I am going to say is...mine doesn't! She felt sorry for me and dug one out that has this space hhmmm!
There was also this unusual little sweetie that I am going to try my luck with when she gets a bit bigger.
It is always special spending time with friends. Especially when they need to know someone is thinking of them. We had a lovely catch up over a cuppa and her garden was a treat. A lovely morning.
I have been busy doing all sorts of things that are in various stages but I have finished "Faerie Bear" quilt No1 and thought you might like to see it.
I have also so made a couple of little friends to go with it.
The giraffe is a Bunny Hill pattern and the little bear is from one of the Tilda books. No 2 is about to be completed but I haven't been able to get my thimble on my finger as I jabbed it and it actually got infected and blew up. It is coming good now so 'full steam ahead'.
That's it from me...a few Domestic Goddess duties and then some projects to enjoy.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely quilt Michelle. I love the giraffe and bear to go with it too.

  2. The little softies go perfectly with the quilt. Such lucky grand babies.

  3. Gosh I cant believe how green everything is over there Michelle. Bit of a contrast to here at present.
    Love the quilt & the 2 toys you have made, love the Tilda Teddy, Julie :-)

  4. What beautiful blooms. Your friend must be buoyed by her lovely plants. Fingers crossed our weather improves from now on - our poor old gardens in Vic. Sweet little quilt and softies.
    PS my blog is renamed 'Garden and Glade'.

  5. We have 3 of those trees in flower but I dont know what they are either - but very pretty at this time of year. The quilt and little friends are gorgeous.

  6. The trees are lovely, are they some type of callistamon? The baby quilt and softies are adorable. It's getting close Nan. Sharyn:)

  7. that quilt is gorgeous michelle and i love the toys that go with it,i have just bought the new country threads patchwork mag and i am going to have a cuppa and read your profile,well done my friend.xx

  8. Michelle, that tree looks like the one that featured on the gardening page in the Sunday Mail...common name Golden Penda or Xanthostemon chrysanthus and apparently all the rain we've had have made these trees be absolutely covered in blossoms.

  9. Love the quilt and softies. Your poor finger! Know the feeling I seem to have a constant callous cos I find thimbles too hard to use. What one is best?

  10. Interesting ginger plants, and I love the yellow bush! Sewing cam be quite dangerous, can't it? The quilt and its friends are very cute.

  11. What gorgeous exotic plants in gaye,s garden Michelle,
    good luck with your new one, hope your thumbs turn green, but hey you can't be good at everything.
    Fairy Bear Quilt and Friends are lovely,
    Hugs R.

  12. Those gorgeous trees are Golden Pendas. The rain has certainly given them a boost.

  13. lovely to see some of Gaye's garden.. and I hope she is feeling much happier now.... Love the little softies to go with the quilt.... too sweet....
    Ouch for your finger....

  14. I love the quilt, so very cute and such wonderful soft toys.
    Lovely photos of flowers from the garden. The Golden Pendas are amazing this year.

  15. Your baby bits and pieces are gorgeous Michelle. How beautiful is your friend's garden

  16. Beautiful garden, I enjoy seeing the different flowers in Australia that we do not have here so thanks for sharing . I love the little bear quilt , so adorable as are the little softies .hugs Sheila

  17. Gorgeous garden pics. Inspires me (for about 5 minutes ) to want to do something to mine but a gardener Im not.

    Hope Gaye's recovery is speedy and uneventful.

  18. What a lovely garden. I wish our weather would hurry and warm up so I can get out into my garden. I love your quilt, can just see a baby all wrapped up and snuggling in it. The giraffe and teddy are really cute. Hugs xx

  19. The quilt and toys are wonderful.

  20. Wonderful photos, cute quilt and such sweet toys!


  21. The quilt is gorgeous and the softies go so perfectly with it, they are so cute!! Hugs Wendy


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