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Saturday, July 6, 2024

Hello July

 Good morning everyone. I know time goes by at the same pace so it's silly to went by so fast but my perception was that it did! 

I have been muddling along....hand quilting Where We Love is Home when my shoulder allows....medical advice....stop using it! Hmm not going to happen so I must not complain and hopefully not irritating it too much will help....I am now over half way on my quilting.

I have also managed to get the binding on my 1797 Revisited quilt. This quilt is a recreation of a 1797 antique coverlet ftom the UK.
It was a huge amount of work, all EPP with one elongated hexagon as the template.
I told myself I would count how many but haven't. I used mostly my stash of lovely French Feneral fabrics....

You can see friend Fiona's beautiful quilting on it. I decided on a French Blue binding.
And I had saved a pretty blue embroidered doiley for my label.
Very happy to have this one complete. Really love this quilt and feel a sense of accomplishment to have stitched it. Thanks to my dear friend Fiona for her beautiful quilting on it.
A little project of the heart for a stitching friend is happening. I chose one of my own designs....reduced it down and stitched it in the nominated colour.
It's been school holidays here so have enjoyed some family outings and delicious treats....fortunately there was some walking involved too, so hopefully negated the kilojoules. 

My Daughter has been researching my Father's side of the family as I had no real knowledge in that area. She has uncovered so much and it's great to have that information. 
So she and I had an adventure to our historic Toowong cemetery where many of them rest.
It was very interesting and we found my Grandfather,  Great Grandfather and several others resting together....still on the hunt for others. We decided that it was very sad the condition most were in....neglected after several generations had passed.
I have been very excited to start Roxy's Journal of Stitchery Vol 6 which is using Edith Holden's beautiful nature diaries for inspiration. 

It is called FIELD NOTES. I am aiming to have the feel of a vintage nature journal to my interpretation. So will see how I go.
I will share progress and beginnings next post. 
OK almost done. Thank you to those of you who leave lovely comments that I can't reply to you....appreciate them all.
Often I am asked why I sign off with Namaste. I have been a practitioner of Yoga for nearly 40 years.....the physical arm now is not as it was but that is real life. Other aspects have given me tools and peace over these years. Namaste to me is a beautiful greeting and I have inserted the meaning
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx



  1. Time spent with family is the best time, Michelle! Although there is time stitching, too......I feel for you with a sore shoulder. Hopefully it might settle down eventually.

  2. You have been so busy, Michelle. I enjoy seeing all of your beautiful projects. Using the doily for a quilt label is very unique and perfect for your 1797 revisited quilt.

  3. Thank you so much for the meaning of Namaste, I also wondered what it meant, although I was sure it was a beautiful word for you to keep using it. Do hope your sore shoulder comes right soon.

  4. 1797 looks really lovely Michelle, the quilting gorgeous too. I have been trying to find mine! Thought I would get it out this summer and layered up but have searched high and low. Must be here somewhere. Pretty blue stitchery and I love poking around old graveyards. Looking forward to following along your new project. xx

  5. You got all the colours together for 1797 so well - it really is lovely and a great piece of work. Gently with that shoulder and I'm looking forward to your new project...

  6. Gosh so much loveliness in this post Michelle. Love both the quilts ... I remember you working on all those elongated hexies ... well done!! Love the blue binding & Fiona;s beautiful quilting. I love cemetaries - they are fascinating places. My DIL has done my side of the family tree also - it is great as I would not have had the patience but have found out such interesting info. Enjoy the weekend Michelle x0x

  7. Love your 1797 Revisited...looks fabulous in the French Generals - perfect doily for the label...

  8. So good to have your beautiful 1797 Revisited quilt finished.
    Nice to be able to do a little stitching with your shoulder, steady does it.
    Always lovely to be out and about with family.
    Enjoyed reading the meaning of Namaste,

  9. So many beautiful projects you are catching up with. Pace yourself with your shoulder . Great family outings . Take care x

  10. It has been a busy time.
    Your EPP quilt is stunning. That is beautiful work. It looks amazing.
    The school holidays are such fun with family.
    And it looks like this family history search is proving to be fascinating.


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