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Thursday, June 13, 2024

June is Busting Out All Over

 Hello friends.  Life has kept me busy and away from blogging. A lot has revolved around family. I was recently very proud of our youngest Grandson who and 3 mates took part in a 48km hike (actually was 51kms) to raise funds for disadvantaged youth in the Kokoda Youth Challenge.

To pass the time, his Dad, Sister and I  had dinner out at my footy teams clubhouse. The Brisbane Broncos. Lovely meal and company eased our nerves.

They completed the trek in just under 15 hours. They were also held up for an hour waiting for an injured walker to be rescued. He hit his pillow at 1.30 am the next morning. Along with his poor Mum who volunteered as a check point person. Biased but awesome effort I say!
I have also attended the extension workshop for Gel Printing with my friend Alan. Really enjoyed this one and felt more confident at the end. Plus exploding brain with ideas lol!

We got to play with a big gel plate which was interesting. I loved how much more Botanicals we could play with on the bigger plate. 
But the "ghost" prints still were my favourites.

This delicate blue ghost is beautiful and so detailed in its may not be able to see it very well....LOVED this one! Feathers of course!
We are hoping to go back to Kim's for more adventures in this medium. The beautiful drive up into the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast is a lovely bonus!
Now as well as fun there are chores. After 3 years of neglect I finally am tackling my disgusting sewing cave.....I now have a clean art and cutting space, tidy machine area and clean and tidy shelves.

Lots of charity bags, rubbish bags and recycling have happened. I still have to sort a big cupboard....arrggh! And sort and place paper and art supplies in their new containers! But looking MUCH better. 
Stitching has been slowly working away on my hand quilting of Where We Love is Home.....shoulder permitting.
I've made some pretty papercraft tags....

And attempted....not terribly attractively a junk journal from those nasty bill envelopes that come in the mail...but it has been fun.

The purpose being to try out ideas for a lovely mixed media journal my husband bought me before he passed away.....that I haven't attempted to know keeping it for goodness knows what....he would be telling me to just get on with it and use it! So that's my intention!
OK lovely folk that is it for now. 
Take care.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Oh my - you have been busy, Michelle! Well done!

  2. Just look at all that lovely tidy space just waiting to be played in! Great little junk journal and pretty tags. Beautiful printing, what a great way to spend a day. Congratulations to grandson and friends - could he walk the next day? Lovely to hear from you Michelle. xx

  3. Well done to your grandson and others walking, that is a great effort. Your gel plate prints are beautiful, also your tags and junk journal. Wonderful tidying in your craft space. Next your new journal??

  4. Such a lot going on. Many congratulations to your grandson, and all the others, for the great effort.

  5. Well done to your Grandson. Wonderful effort. The gel prints looks beautiful.

  6. What a lovely post Michelle - filled with all sorts of things. Pleased to read you have been busy with family & creative pursuits. Love those ghost prints - just so ethereal. Your journal is looking great - please share more in the future. Loving those tags also. xx

  7. You have been busy. Lovely to see you with family and well done to your grandson. That is a big achievement.
    Good to see you enjoying some art classes. The prints look remarkable.
    Well done on the sewing room clean. Well need to do that on a regular basis. Interests and tastes change and it is good to have a clear out.

  8. Well done to your grandson. A good tidy up needs to be done every now and then even though it cuts into our crafting time!!!!!!

  9. Oh Michelle, what a varied and lovely range of projects you have .... the month certainly is going fast. So great to see the grandies making their marks on the world and I love your paper works... all gorgous. Of course the quilting is stunning too.... I will finally start mine as the new Tilda fabrics came out today so I am set!!!
    Have a lovely weekend....xx

  10. You made some nice prints. I wish you good progress with your fantastic “Where we Love is Home” blanket.
    The pot and teacup are so wonderful. I like it a lot.
    Congratulations to the grandson... well done.
    Lots of love to you.

  11. Congrates to your GS and mates for their great effect on the walk.
    Fun work on your Gel Art , Junk Journal, some hand sewing and tags. Sure is a busy time for you.

  12. Lol I have been doing the same thing in my sewing room! Cleaned out 4 drawers and 3 cubicles and the drawers full of colour coded applique scraps. Op shop, recycling and rubbish bins. Still heaps more to do. Lovely that you spend time with your family. Great achievement. Your gel prints are lovely. So many gorgeous projects. The tags are all so pretty.

  13. Just found your blog noticing that you commented on Sue's blog. I really enjoyed the read about the boy's fund raiser hike. I bet they had a nice time even though it was long.
    Your applique' work is so beautiful. It makes me want to make pillows.
    I have seen a junk journal in person and fell in love with all the cuteness of them, hidden pockets and such. I didn't know you could start with a bill envelope. Great idea.
    Your sewing room looks great! I am currently working on organizing mine and hope to get a post out on it in the next few weeks.
    I am very curious about the gel printing. Is it done on paper or fabric? I took some fabric dyeing classes a few years back and fell in love. It is super fun! We didn't use gels, but we used paints and dyes.


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