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Thursday, November 9, 2023


Good morning friends. I hope you are all safe from these awful fires if you're here in Australia. So sad for those who have lost so much. It's been a bit up and down for me here of late. The upside.....Lots of art and time with family.

I volunteered for several days out at the Mt.Cootha Botanical Gardens for the Queensland Wildlife Artists exhibition which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had missed being involved due to Covid shutting us down and then my husband's illness. 

Had the company of friends whilst demonstrating and interacted with lots of lovely people who showed great interest in our wildlife, art and different mediums. So contrary to popular opinion, people do still want art and wildlife in their life.
Friends and family came along to visit also. This is lovely friend Alison from Sunday Stitchers in front of two of my pieces. 
My favourite pond out there didn't disappoint.....beautiful Sacred Lotus blooms, waterlilies and dragonflies and sweet tiny sedge frogs.

I have now completed the piece I worked on out there. A beautiful Rainbow Bee-eater from friend Michael's wonderful reference photo. I loved that his feathers were all fluffed up....beautiful little birds.
The downside was the one year anniversary of my husband's death. I still find it almost impossible and unbelievable that he is gone and we miss him terribly. My dear children and I decided we were going to go out together and do something he would have enjoyed. So we went for lunch at the Broncos club.....his team. We raised a glass and indulged in all his favourite food, shared our memories, our love for him.....even managed a chuckle or two. 

Since then I have sought solace in my sketchbook and.....
Some beautiful inspirational books that arrived in the mail recently. 

Owl and Hare is still more issue to come.
And lots of slow stitching.....

So that's about where I am at for now. The kettle is on the boil.....time for a cuppa for me.
I hope that you get to enjoy some simple pleasures in your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. A lovely post..... wonderful way to remember dear G - such a big gap..... you have done some gorgeous art and sewing.... those crazy french knots do look glorious in their shapes and colours...

  2. Thinking of you, did your lovely hubby proud, he was probably smiling at the thought! Your art is beautiful, and it sounds as though your time at the exhibition was wonderful.

  3. So sorry I did not manage to get along to see you at the exhibition, although I had hoped to. It is lovely you were able to participate and demonstrate your art, and the Rainbow bee-eater is absolutely beautiful. One year on, and a special gesture for you all to go to the Broncos - thinking of you and sending hugs. The slow stitching is exquisite, you are a legend. xoxox

  4. What a wonderful way to remember your dear is not easy, is it? Take care and enjoy your slow stitching and art--grief has its own timetable; working through it is so hard--Get plenty of rest...hugs and good thoughts Julierose

  5. Lovely pictures from Mt Cootha Michelle and good to spend time with like minded firends. Your bee eater is gorgeous. Anniversary's are always difficult so good that you were able to celebrate his life together.. xx

  6. A lovely way to remember a loving husband and father. Beautiful artwork and stitching.

  7. Another lovely post Michelle. Gosh one year .... where did that go to I wonder?! Those anniversaries are all so hard, mind you each day is hard in its own way I guess. Lovely that you all went out to the Broncos Club - how special.
    May I ask you - that Untamed Thread book - is it good? The author has just had a big write up in our newspaper & I saw her book in a photo & wondered if it was worth buying?

  8. So good you have your art and sewing to enjoy .
    Hugs Maria.

  9. Your drawings and images are beautiful.
    Nice to discover your blog.

  10. You take slow stitching to new heights with your beautiful designs and immaculate stitches. Thanks as well for sharing your photos! Besides so nice to see faces, I also love to see food!!

  11. Thinking of you - hope you are ok - you have not posted for a while...Miss seeing your art and your sewing! Take care and loads of love from Perth Western Australia xx


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