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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

June Is Busting Out All Over

 Well so the song goes anyway. I hope you are all well. I feel as if it's ages since I posted. What have I been doing.....a bit of this and that but it seemed to have kept me busy!

I had lovely visitors who bought me sweet flowers.

I have read a thick book.
Basted a quilt....
Began hand quilting it but that had to cease, due to me hurting my shoulder thinking I was still 27 years old!
I have eaten celebratory cakes as this lass and this lad each had special birthdays!

Very proud of them both.
I had a night on the town with my see Julia Morris.....very naughty but very funny. I have never needed a big laugh more....On the way back to our car we were treated to fantastic fireworks....the reason for them is still a mystery! But a delightful finish to our evening.
Bragging here......but honest truth. My Daughter is a born teacher of little people. She goes above and beyond to make sure her little people have the best experience in her class. I stole these photos of her at Under 8's celebrations recently! She is a much loved teacher despite having children of her own that have difficulties.....I  so admire this woman! The second photo is with Norm the Wonder Dog who you will have read about here before!

As my arm is sore I have spent time working on another snippet scroll. This one was inspired by Roxy Creations and fellow Sunday Stitcher Anita. It's called "Down the Garden Path " My progress so far using the following prompts.
I can't seem to leave it alone. But the next instalment of Homespun BOM has arrived so that has to be prepped for stitching......and the scroll is waiting in the wings for now.
My Hiking Kea has gone to it's forever home and is very happy and loved there.
Whilst having a bit of a scribble....a little party of Superb Fairy Wrens appeared and are now coming to life on my board. I felt the male was too full of himself up on that old fence post so I added an interloper in my final draft.....a young male into the mix to keep old mate on his toes lol! He's the one with the blue tail feathers.

Loving working on these sweet but cheeky birds.
Well June is the month I always buy pink Carnations in memory of my Grandmother's birthday.... she was and remains an inspiration for my life.
A little something for you  to ponder before I go.....
Take care and hug those you love.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Lots of lovely things happening here as always. Sorry to hear about the shoulder - the third shoulder injury in a stitcher I have heard of recently, must be an epidemic! I am going to be ultra careful. Great family pictures. Your snippets are gorgeous - love how you managed to find the perfect piece of lace for your gate. Nicce finish on the Kea and the Fairy Wrens are lovely. That cutting sums it up beautifully. xx

  2. A very lovely post indeed Michelle. I hope your shoulder is on the mend by now. Your family photos are wonderful & I think your daughter looks like THE perfect teacher for little people. What fun learning with her. That snippet roll has me drooling all over my computer screen!! Love the end verse too. 💗

  3. Oh no, Michelle - hope your shoulder heals soon! Lovely to see the family pics. Your stitching is beautiful, as always - and I love that cheeky Kea, what a clown.

  4. Your quilting is great... love it.
    The photos of your loved ones are so beautiful. Congratulations for the birthday children. My daughter is also a teacher :-)
    Fireworks are always nice and a good book is fabulous.
    I wish you lots of fun drawing... your drawings are wonderful.
    Thank you.
    A hug to you from Viola

  5. Dear Michelle, is there anything you do that is not top-notch and excellent. Your quilt is amazing and your drawings are delightful. When God was passing out talent you must have gone around and got in line a second time because you certainly have a double portion. Thank you for sharing, so many times I read but never leave a comment.
    Wishing you a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  6. Your snippets pieces are just lovely - so much imagination and thought.... wonderful to see the pics of the birthday peoples and gorgeous M - love that skirt!!! Hope the shoulder is improved - I should have checked before - been too busy feeling sorry for myself!!!
    Is the Atlas final good?

  7. Looks like you have kept very busy.
    Your snippet scroll is looking wonderful. I especially like the way you have used the lace in the gate.
    Great to celebrate with the grandies as well.
    Hope your shoulder recovers quickly.


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