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Sunday, July 10, 2022


 Good morning friends. I am sitting writing this to you all with beautiful Queensland winter sunshine streaming in through the window.....just how I prefer my winters!

Well the first day of this month saw my siblings and family say good bye to our dear Mum. It all happened so quickly as we thought she was doing well.
Even though you think you are ready, you never are. It was however a beautiful celebration of a life well lived. My Mum was a survivor. She was born just 2 lbs in the old money and my Nan used to say she thought she would never survive...but she did. She was a widow at just 24 years (my Dad) she recovered from stroke and breast cancer and made it to 89 and a half years old. The half was very important.
She was a stitcher, crocheter, porcelain painter and great cook and generous to a fault!

I now have Mums lovely little collection of china thimbles....some of which she painted.
Mum loved her family, a good yarn,  pink, cake and coffee, a flutter on the pokies, the tennis, beating the Poms at cricket, carnations and pansies....she once coerced me very nicely into cross stitching her these.....

I stitched them on some ridiculous sized aida cloth....that I could barely see....not to mention all the shading in these flowers. I am not a great cross stitcher....couldn't ever get the hang of linen. So it became a standing joke between us that I was getting this back as I nearly went blind stitching it.....and sadly I now have and will treasure it and all my memories. 
As I had to travel to be with family not a lot of sewing has been happening. 
Another Postcard....
And the beginnings of hexies for Bonheur de Jour....not much progress.
I've had lovely mail from across the seas....thanks ever so much Lin. Can you believe this is textile art? Beautiful xx
The artist is Kate's called "River Reflections " So very clever.
I have read a great book......about the stolen art by the Nazis in World War 2.
I have also finished my white magnolia and it has gone to live at my lovely Daughter in laws.
The cool weather has produced some pretty blue and pink evening skies....
And a little treasure has blossomed in my garden.
It's hard to rouse oneself from the sunshine but I must decide whether stitching July's Tag Roulette is on the agenda or getting my new art project ready for the good paper.....
If I can make this one halfway decent I shall be thrilled. It's a bad reference photo but hubby went to great lengths to capture this lightning fast little bird. So wish me luck.
Take care everyone.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. So sorry to hear about your beautiful Mum, you say, you are never ready, but what wonderful memories she has left behind! Sending love and hugs.

  2. Thinking of you and your family at this sad and difficult time. Take care.

  3. 💕🤍💕🤍💕👋

  4. A lovely tribute Michelle. I am looking forward to watching that bird emerge on your good paper! xx

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your dear mum and send you many healing hugs. It is clear that you have inherited your mum's creative genes and I particularly love her hand painted thimbles. Clever lady indeed. It is wonderful that you have her things to remember her by. I love your crosstitch. I used to crosstitch on linen! There is no way I could do that now. You 've had such a bad year with much stress and sadness so I hope your craft and the live of your family can keep a smile on your face. Xx

  6. A beautiful tribute to your dear Mum. Lovey to have so many treasurers of hers ..
    Will be great to see the Rainbow Bee-Eater emerge on your good paper.

  7. Those are some wonderful memories of your mum. That just makes her even more special.

  8. Many wonderful memories there for you Michelle, beautiful tribute to your Mum. Love that saying, your paintings are stitching are lovely too.

  9. A lovely tribute to your Mum .... as you said it is never easy to say goodbye. Love the momentos that you have kept with special meaning..... lots of love...

  10. A beautiful tribute to your lovely Mum, Michelle. I can see you in her face as a bride. We can see where you got your talents, and what sweet pieces you have to treasure. As always, you are wonderfully industrious and make me wonder what I do all day! love and hugs. xoxox

  11. Sorry about your mum, Michelle; we are never ready for loosing them....xx


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