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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Project Hopping

 Hello friends. I hope my Aussie friends that you are keeping warm in these cooler days and nights that we have been experiencing of late.....I know my southern friends are laughing at me up here with my 23 degree days but sorry not a fan of 5 - 8 degree nights lol!

The upside of the cooler weather is that I have been able to move along with hand quilting my little Heartstrings quilt. Its been nice to have it on my lap to work on at night.

June #tagroulettehannemade is up to date. This month we had.

No. 6 Buttons No. 41 Bullions and No. 46 Wrapped. I chose to wrap some little rolls of wool felt as I am making a spool roll and don't want any sharp edges.

I have continued working on my Postcards whilst visiting my husband and have 3 more for the pile. 

Last post I said I would share my recent art project. It is a gift for a very caring lady who has lessened the burdens of our days with her humour and kindness. She is a Kiwi expatriate and so I decided to draw one of NZ lovely birds the Tui. The beautiful reference photo is from New Zealand wildlife photographer Holly Neill and I was so chuffed when she gave me permission to draw it. I used some artistic licence and added Flax leaves to the bottom of the piece. I just love the interesting blossoms on the New Zealand Flax. 
I am a bit chuffed with how it has turned's always exciting when the tape comes off!

A bit pleased too, that my Kiwi friends said I did ok. I am really looking forward to giving it to my friend now.
With the Tui finished I have gone back to working on my white Magnolia. I am so lucky to be able to pick the brains of my teacher and mentor Sandra when I get stuck.....really happy to finally get the shadows looking better and starting to achieve the realistic 3D appearance I love! 
Well that's it from me. Darkness has fallen and I must dash to rescue my birdseed from the cheeky garage tenants.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Dear Michelle, Your work, as always, is Perfection. The Tui bird looks magnificent and will be treasured by the recipient. The little train of Kuranda is adorable (we are looking forward to a tiny trip up there in the near future :) The heartstrings quite is beautiful, and I agree, the cold nights and mornings are very crisp indeed. I sit with a quilt over my knees, made years ago and still loved. Reminds me of the old Group days. All the best, much love. xox

  2. Your garage tenants look very cheeky indeed! Michelle, your paintings are beautiful....what a lovely gift. Love those postcards, they are such a fun idea.

  3. so your squatters help themselves to meals too! The wool spool is a stroke of genius and looks so good.... lovely seeing heartstrings making progress - it has been decidedly chilly of late and it's still early winter! Tui is just amazing and I love how the magnolia is coming along... they are rather glorious flowers. Good to see postcards being done.... has G had input into those ones?

  4. That's a wonderful rendition of a tui a flax Bush, they really enjoy the nectar from the flax flowers. Your caring Kiwi friend willed be thrilled with her gift, I'm sure.

  5. PS, I have two little stitcheries I made hanging in our caravan. A tui, and a kereru (wood pigeon). Since they were hand stitched I decided they needed hand quilting too. These lovely birds travel New Zealand with us!

  6. Gosh everything you are working on is just beautiful Michelle. We have tui in our flaxes & also in our kowhai when it is flowering. They are beautiful & your artwork is stunning!! We had a minus 1 degrees frost this morning - would you like to pop over??? 😉😊

  7. Your Tui is so beautiful, you are such a talented artist.Love the magnolia too.
    I don't mind the cold we get down here it's the heat that gets to me lol
    Happy quilting.

  8. Always good to have a variety of projects to work on. Nice additions to your spoolroll and you must have quite a collection of postcards. Your Tui picture is beautiful, I am sure that your friend will be delighted. xx

  9. Oh Michelle your work is stunning. Love it all.
    Great to have something to work on when visiting Hubby. Kept up the wonderful work.

  10. Lovely projects and artwork. So pleased to see you stitching and drawing and knowing someone brightens your days. Xx

  11. It is lovely to see the range of projects you are working on. And, yes, the colder times do make it easier to have a quilt on your lap.
    Those possums find any food that is around, don't they?


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