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Saturday, June 4, 2022

WHAT a Month

 Hello dear friends.....what a month I have had. Sadly my dear husband has deteriorated and now needs full time care.....a hard decision for all concerned but I could no longer provide the care he now needs. Even though you knew the time was coming is doesn't make it an easier to act on. It was certainly stressful finding the right place in what seemed like an impossibly short time. And hoping and praying you made the right decision! 

I have also had my Daughter, 2 Grandies and 2 cats staying with me whilst they waited for there new home to settle....and banks being what they are....managed to lose documents which made the stay longer and a stressful situation even more so. Now throw Covid into the mix for DD and you have a jolly old time!

Thankfully my Daughter and her children are now all moved lots of boxes to be unpacked. 

I have spent a lot of time still sitting.....keeping hubby company. So sewing has still been happening.

I finished the Broderie Perse applique on the Homespun BOM.....still not a fan but I at least gave it a shot....just needs its borders. And I like the inclusion of French Blue.

I have also gone back to my Postcards quilt. A SAL with my Sunday Stitchers friends. When Mr. R. was diagnosed I was so devastated at all the plans we'd made....especially travel that would now no longer happen that I couldn't face finishing them as they were of all the special trips we had made.
However the time we have spent together the last 14 months has given us time to reflect on the experiences we've had together. Wonderful and magical experiences sometimes. So I now take them to stitch each day. Hubby even gives me a little input in what we should include in each one.....which is special. So another one is complete. Looks wonky but isn't really.
May's Tag Roulette took me a while this month but I got there. 
No. 20 - Pekinese stitch....which I enjoyed much better the second time around. 
No. 19 - Blanket stitch Fringing
No. 43 - Words

I made quite small examples for May as I  had an area I wanted to fill in. Its almost time for June's prompts. Loving working on this so much.
Not much to report from my "garden of neglect" however Dear Daughter gave me this beautiful orchid that I am now charged with....NOT killing!

It's still flowering and hasn't keeled over so pleased about that.
We had birthdays...littlest Granddaughter. Right in the middle of DD Covid infection. We opted for individual donuts and a personal candle extinguish and wish.....and Mummy masked up and at quite a distance!
This young man also had a birthday grown up....doesn't seem possible!

Littlest Granddaughter is studying Japanese and made me an origami corner cute!
Such lovely mail yesterday....Fiona sent me a sweet Anni Downs pattern and gorgeous card because I missed the quilt show.....sweet friend.......or! Xxx
I have some artwork to show you but will save it for next time.....this novel has gone on long enough. I have a house to put to rights and if anyone can tell me how to get white cat hair off everything I would be grateful!
Take care everyone.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Sending you lots of love my friend give Gary a hug from me and it was wonderful to see your post ,I love the orchid,take care lovely lady πŸ’•πŸ€πŸ’•

  2. Lovely to sit and stitch your Postcards with hubby. Hugs.

  3. Oh, Michelle....sending love and hugs. Even when you know this step is coming, it isn't easy to do. You have certainly had your hands full lately! Hope your pretty orchid lasts for you.....and your stitching is lovely, as always, and I'm sure is a great comfort.

  4. Dear Michelle, difficult times for you, sending much love and hugs. How beautiful to sit with G and stitch the postcards and recall your many adventures. Lately we have been looking back at all our trips too, realising it is unlikely they will continue. Your applique is glorious, and I love the French blue bowl too. Thoughts and prayers. xoxox

  5. The grandkids sure are growing up fast........ Sending big hugs for you next step in changes....... Enjoy making the postcard memories.........

  6. Oh Michelle, you really have your plate full right now. I am sure you have made the right decision, you are the one who knows what is best for you both. Well done on finishing your applique, it looks great! xx

  7. Loads of love. the blue bowl in your centrepiece is perfect... and glad to see your lovely postcards out and know it is evoking lovely memories for you and G. Good luck with that cat hair....! and of course all the best to DD for her new home...

  8. Thinking of you and your family. Take care.

  9. Precious memories with your fella... don't forget to breathe xxx

  10. My dear dear Michelle, I am so sorry that you have had to make decisions we all dread and send you many healing angel hugs. You have managed to do a lot of beautiful stitching and the postcards will be happy memories for you. Please take care and don't be too hard on yourself. Xx

  11. I'm sorry to hear your husband has deteriorated but you have done the right thing getting assistance with 24/7 nursing care as it is now needed. This enables you now to be his wife and have quality time with him rather than becoming his worn out sleepless exhausted carer!!! It's wonderful to be working on those postcards together - funny that one should be Hervey Bay (where we have moved from lol) - I think you have the perfect postcard for the area!! Take care of yourself so you can enjoy the special times spent with your hubbie. xo

  12. Hi Michelle. What a difficult time it has been for you. I am so pleased you took the decision to get hubby in to care. It is a hard one to make but you always know it is the right thing to do. I am pleased you have had family around as well. That is so important.
    Lovely to see you continuing with your projects and making steady progress. Thinking of you both.

  13. Sorry to hear this about Gary - as you say - it was you knew it would happen - but it is never easy.
    Maybe good timing to have your DD & family around - something lese to distract you.

    This is a wonderfully happy sewing post though - and aren't we blessed to have that in our lives. Good to see you doing postcards - it will be wonderful memories for you for a long time yet.
    Take Care of yourself too.

  14. So sorry to hear about your dear husband. What a sad time for you both.

  15. Sorry to read about your husband. Must be so hard. Nice to hear he is giving you input on the postcards. Love your applique block.

  16. So sorry to hear your news about Gary but lovely to have your DD and family staying.... certainly will help at this time for you..... you are always in my thoughts....take care xxx

  17. Hi Michelle ... apologies I am late catching up on yours (& everyones) blog posts. I have been away to my Mums again. I see you have had to find residential care for your dear Husband & can fully imagine what a difficult decision this must've been for you. I hope he is settling well Michelle. I have had to move Mum to fulltime Care & she was certainly NOT "rearing to go". πŸ˜‰ Your accomplishments in the month are amazing & you still find beauty in everything around you. I especially love your tags. Take care Michelle ... sending love & thoughts across the ditch to you. xxx


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