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Saturday, April 30, 2022

April Round Up

 Hello friends. I haven't been in touch since before Easter. I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Ours was very quiet but we enjoyed lunch with our family and of course all those sweet treats still managed to appear in my house and led me astray!

In the interest of keeping things real I have to say the last few weeks have been a bit tough....lots of ups and downs with a few emergency room visits thrown into the mix. Add 2 emergency life threatening surgeries for my Mother as well and you get the idea!
I am so very fortunate to have 2 great siblings who could step up and be there. My Mum is still in hospital and some hard choices have to be thought about if we can get her well again. 
So my stitching and pencils have been vital to my sanity! And something positive to focus on. Sooooo thankful to have a happy place to retreat to.
I have one more finished block for my Letter to My Daughter quilt.
Only 2 more applique blocks to prep and stitch.
A bit of time has also been spent on my Applecore charm quilt. Easy stress free stitching.  

It is really starting to grow. More Applecores need basting as I have stitched up my pile.
And just because I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PROJECTS I couldn't resist the founder of French Generals 2022 Block of the Month in Homespun magazine. I am excited to use my stash of French General fabric. 
The centre block is Broderie Perse applique and something that I have never attempted. 
As I already have 2 quilts in this colourway I decided to add some blue to change it up a little and use up some more stash.
I have to admit to finding it a bit frustrating.....but as it is only the centre I am perservering. 
My rusty drawing project is finished.....frustrated over the paper I was trying to make use of I called it done probably before I was really done! I am glad at least I haven't wasted it.
But that said......I just adore the little Willy wagtail and ALL that rust!
My next project is completely in the other direction.....a little study in white back on my lovely always fascinates me how many shades go to making up what we consider a base colour. Enjoying this one already! 
My night time read is this....thanks to a dear friend....nothing like ditching reality for a good book!
Birthdays are so exciting and  joyful for kids and we celebrated our eldest Granddaughter's this month. She loves things that sparkle and shimmer. So I enjoyed making her a sparkly mermaid  birthday card. that happy face!
There was also a birthday of a different Master "N"
At my youngest Granddaughter's school they have a special furry boy....a therapy dog!
He listens to reading, helps anxious children and enjoys being adored by all....because he is adorable! 
He also had a birthday this month......and celebrated with a "Pawty" with all the students. Doggie cupcakes and lots of pats went down a treat!
This is Granddaughter #2 with the birthday cute!
So that's what I have been up to.....
A few little pops of colour in my garden to finish.....

Catch you next time. Take care one and all.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. sending hugs...........and love the willy

  2. Gosh - you don't need more medical dramas! Interesting thought to have a therapy dog...I am sure he is adored. I thought you might join in the homespun project! Broderie Perse...always "fun" to have a challenge.

  3. Oh, my goodness, have a lot on your plate. Sending much love and hugs. Your rusty willy is delightful....and I love all your flowers whether painted, real and appliqued! Won't be long before she's a teenager......

  4. A lovely round up post Michelle ... apart from the emergency room visits of course!! We could well do without these dramas in life.
    I'm pleased to see you've found time for all that creativity - you amaze me with your sewing & your artwork. Those applecores look great all butted up together. Love your rusty artwork. I hope May brings you peace & way less stress & dramas Michelle. xx

  5. Sounds like a tough few weeks Michelle. I am sure you can add chocolate to stitching and pencils as necessities for sanity! Lots of lovely projects as always. Hugs. xx

  6. You sure have had your hands full. As you say, it is good to have family around to help shoulder the load.. All the best to you and all your family.
    It is good to see you keeping the stitching going and I love how much the apple core quilt top has grown. Great to see the other blocks, too, and their lovely fabrics.
    Well done getting on with the pencils, too. You have been busy.
    Isn't it always fun to celebrate birthdays for the grandies. And the card you made is delightful.
    Love the idea of a therapy dog at school. What a wonderful way to support the children.
    Lovely also to see the colour in your garden.
    Best wishes.

  7. Such a newsy post Michelle..... so sorry to hear of your medical emergencies, they do make life very stressful .... thank heavens for stitching....gorgeous projects.....
    Birthday wishes for your g/daughter and therapy dog, so good to have such a cute pup to help children.... Take care....

  8. Your new Block of the Month looks lovely. I hope your mum gets well, such a worry; you are lucky you can share it with the family, you have enough on your plate! xx


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