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Sunday, January 9, 2022

January 2022

 The arrival of the new year  passed by behind closed eyelids for me. Enthusiasm on my part was severly lacking I'm afraid. The air con here has been getting a work out thanks to Cyclone Seth lingering off the Queensland coast and delivering showers and heavy cloud cover.....resulting in very high humidity amongst the ahowers. He decided to hover over a rural  area 4 hours north of us and delivered 650mms of rain in 24 hours, causing bad flash flooding and loss of life....before he cleared out.....good riddance Seth!

The grass and weeds seem as if they grow up behind you as you mow lol!

With the plague exploding now in our State with borders opened to all without having to quarantine and taking self responsibility meaning for some....... party like there is no tomorrow.......gather together in groups as large as you can.....masks are just a suggestion......we are staying in except for essentials and hospital treatments.....anxiety inducing folks! I  never thought that I would become a grumbly old lady but there you go!

Family visits have been at a distance.......from the driveway! Family down up here!

Over the Christmas break I completed several more blocks for Letter to My Daughter. 

I decided  to also substitute 2 upcoming star blocks with 2 EPP they are made and waiting.
The last of the little stitcheries are also traced and waiting to be completed.....soon!
Santa's Elves had all sorts of trouble with the post this year.....I had several items that definitely took the scenic tour to their destinations. So it seems did others. I was delighted to open this lovely card and decoration from friend FIONA did get a turn on the tree for a while so I could enjoy darn cute!
The drizzly afternoons have seen me reaching for the chocolates, coffee and a favourite reread.
I loved this book so much and admit it's not my first reread!
Pencils are cooler than stitching, so a bit of that has been happening too.
A  friend sent me a photo from his trip to Canada....when you could trip to Canada....asking me if I would like to draw it.....ummm? Yes please! It's a Coyote snapped in one of the national parks.
I loved the rich tawny colours.....

I also have a work in progress....."Beautiful Athena The Wonder Cat"  She belongs to my Daughter and is a rescue cat.....some despicable person threw boiling water on her and she was takeni to care, nursed back to health and adopted by my Daughter......she is now throughly spoilt and she deserves to be. 

I had forgotten all the different colours in the under layers of drawing black fur......blues, purples.
Starting to lay down the darker shades on her head and face......she has the most beautiful eyes!
Lots more shading and a bit more darkening on her black collar and body. So my pencils will be busy for a little while yet.
So dear friends my first post for 2022......stay home if you can and stay safe and several of my friends who've caught this rotten thing, feel better soon thinking of you......
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Yes indeed......stay safe, Michelle! Love your pretty embroideries, and your pictures - you are very talented. Hello to gorgeous Athene, it beggars belief that people can be so cruel.

  2. personal responsibility has a lot to answer for.......goodluck...
    Ive got that book but never started to read it......well worth it by the sounds of it.......
    nice blocks.......

  3. Well said about the attitude of many to the pandemic, thoughtless and selfish. We are keeping in a family bubble - what you are doing is very difficult, but good on you, stay safe in your lovely home. Letter to my Daughter sounds like a beautiful idea for a quilt, and it will be perfection. Dear Athena, what a lovely portrait you are doing - definitely a framer. Be safe and well xxx

  4. Pleased you stayed safe during Seth.
    Keeping your distance and staying safe is the way to go.
    You are using pretty fabrics for “Letters to my Daughter “
    You’ve really captured Athena in your beautiful drawing…

  5. What a beautiful cat and such a sad story, how can people be so awful. Always good to see how you build up your drawings. I am looking forward to a short course in birds with pencils as soon as we get settled in UK. Pretty blocks too. Yes, staying away from people is good - we do as much as possible. Cant understand all these people congregating in large groups when the covid numbers are so high. I know we have to live with it but why put yourself, and others, at risk xx

  6. Keep safe, keep stitching and drawing. Why are some so cruel especially to such beautiful creatures.

  7. Gosh Michelle - Athena is beautiful!! So is your drawing of her & bringing her to life. Just love your pencil work. Yes its humid here too ... can be unbearable at times. Love all your new blocks. I'm glad Seth has passed on by - we read of it in our news bulletins. Keep safe & keep stitchin' Michelle. xx

  8. what a lovely post full of prettiness.... and of course cautiousness which I think is very wise of you both... lovely you have that balcony you can lean over for chats... amazing watching a drawing come to life.... already looking stunning...

  9. I am so in ore of your beautiful work both with stitches and pencil. So look forward to seeing your work. The weather has been dreadful. Stay safe and keep us updated. ❤

  10. Your artwork is gorgeous, Michelle. :-)
    May the new year be one of joy for you and yours. xx

  11. You have had a rough start in Qld with the weather and covid. You are not on your own when it comes to isolating. We didn't have too many plans but all have been cancelled and like you we are only out for medical appts. Better to stay safe.
    Lovely as always to see your beautiful stitching and drawing.

  12. You have every right to be grumbly, people can be so inconsiderate. Love your blocks and drawings. The cat is beautiful, some people should not have animals!

  13. Welcome to our life down here lol. Quite ridiculous. However, you have been working on some lovely projects and I absolutely adore your cat drawing and the coyote. Being a cat lover I think that drawing is very special and drawn with much love. I absolutely stunned that people can be so cruel to animald. One wonders how they treat people. Keep safe and well. X

  14. love your blocks Michelle.
    Your drawings are amazing, Athena is such a wonderful model and your are doing a stunning job. If you ever want to draw a tortoiseshell would love to commission a work?
    Stay safe x

  15. You’ve made very good use of your time at home. The drawings are beautiful. Letters to my Daughter is also progressing well. Stay safe.

  16. I'm with you about opening the borders & now overseas people can tests...nothing much

    love all your bits - what a horrible story about wonder cat.

    Take Care

  17. I hope you are staying safe and well Michelle. With the threat of the latest, O , on our doorsteps, I plan on mostly home time too. Just love your drawings - so talented!, and your Letter To My Daughter also looks beautiful. Nice idea to swap out the stars.


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