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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Where We Love Is Home

 Hello out there! Coming to you from "Cabin Fever Central".....

My efforts on Where You Love Is Home has been looking at me everytime I walk in my sewing see I had piecing bits to do...sigh! The main thing bugging me was I had lots of small bow tie blocks to make and I have never really liked the "chop off the corners" style. I remember reading somewhere that you could sew a four patch and applique a square for the I gave it a go.....

Which led to this.....
And after this......
As I was on a bit of a roll I added the side strips to the centre house block....
And the flower row to my washing line...
This meant that I was able to sew this whole row together and attach it to the top row....
So feeling quite pleased with myself and I feel now it may actually become a quilt!
I also sewed two extra rows of hearts on so its growing too!
We are so blessed to have caring children who have been dropping off supplies at our door and treats too.....books and chocolate cake!
I also had some lovely mail. Designer Kim Diehl had a fund-raiser for the victims of the terrible tornado that struck Western Kentucky in early December. Proceeds from the sale of lovely scissors went to assistance. I chose the sweet butterfly version.....
I love them and they are quite a good size too.
Well folks 2 posts in the one month......winning!
Take care and stay safe........some visitors for breakfast this morning.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It is just making that first are on a roll with great progress. Well done. Enjoy the cake and books.

  2. Your idea of using applique for the bow ties looks great. Great solution. All the blocks look wonderful together.
    And the hearts are growing well, too.
    Glad to see you staying safe at home and being looked after by family.
    We have the same approach here until this round settles down. Very thankful for grocery deliveries and zoom.

  3. You certainly are on a roll there Michelle, great idea you had, the quilt is looking wonderful. Love your hearts. Yay for your family relieving the stay at home Cabin Fever!! The cake looks amazing, and the books interesting. Very pretty scissors and visitors.
    Stay safe.

  4. what beautiful progress! I love the clothes line-it's so cut. It is very encouraging when you start putting blocks together.
    That's a great way to do the bow tie blocks and they look very neat too.
    Hope those colourful visitors brought you breakfast too? lol

  5. Wow! You have got a wriggle on since passing your bow tie road block. It’s looking good. The scissors are cute, and if they are the same brand as some pretty one I have, are beautiful to use. I really like your little doiley too.

  6. Well done on your progress, Michelle! Those are very cute scissors, such a good size too......and chocolate cake, yummo.

  7. Gosh you make those bow tie blocks look so simple Michelle - I would almost be tempted to give them a go 😉 ... your quilt seems to be whizzing along. That cake looks SOoooo delicious!!

  8. Lovely post Michelle...& well done on your progress. It's coming together beautifully...
    Take care...xox

  9. WYLIH is looking so good....I am so looking forward to doing this one. Great progress and the idea for the bow ties is so good - I think I will do that too as much as I love EPP type! Love the scissors and the cake... adn the litlte hearts too!

  10. Cute bowties ...Great progress on "Where you Love is Home"
    Pretty scissors and such lovely deliveries from your family.

  11. Another gorgeous quilt has crept up on me Michelle. It is so cute: the washing line is adorable. Your caring children are the best! Love the scissors and send greetings from my lorikeets to yours! xox

  12. It is good when we make ourselves start something we really feel a bit ho hum about and suddenly our mojo returns. You have certainly made a lot of progress.

  13. Lovely post Michelle - fabulous to see you are being well looked after by your family. Good result with your re-charged bowtie sewing - wow what progress!!! Take carexx

  14. look like pretty good deliveries to me.....cake and reading......
    the quilt is looking great.......I love it when I get inspired......

  15. Wonderful blocks and what a nice quilt this will become. Greetings to your breakfast visitors. the birds are so pretty.


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