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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

 Hello all. The weather has been a bit a bit erratic of late and has dictated what I chose to stitch.

Stormy weather allowed me to get a bit more of my hand quilting done on Heartstrings. 

Humid warm weather plus a 33 degree day put paid to the hand quilting so I completed some piecing on Where You Love Is Home. Row 1 is now complete.....I am now working on the blocks for the next row and arrangement. 
I also  stitched some more of the small appliqued hearts to add to my diminished  pile....
I now have 20 new little hearts.
I couldn't resist a little bit of BEATRIX amongst them.
On the subject of hearts, as I was looking for a crochet hook needed for my latest tag, I came across a pretty crochet heart that I had made many years ago. It's about the size of my spread hand span.....
Not a clue what it was for. I used to crochet a lot in my teenage years and early twenties...all those lovely mini and maxi boleros, tote bags and even a bikini once!
It was a nice wander down memory lane.
Tags were created too.
TAG 41 - Bullion stitch beauties.
TAG 42 - Tag on a tag. I cheated a little in that I used a painted wooden tag for the smaller one. It was painted and gifted to me by a dear friend. I  love that it is no longer languishing in a box.
TAG 43 - Fringing. The reason for the crochet hook. I had plans to cut and shape the fringing when I had finished but I loved the colours and texture of the threads so left it alone. I was really happy to also use the scrap of background fabric....another old favourite.
On my drawing board I got back to a piece I had to do some problem solving on. It seems to happen a lot to me lol! My husband snapped this Moorhen getting comfortable in her newly constructed nest, made from sticks and strips of paperbark. All this was perched on a fallen paperbark tree in a lagoon in a place we enjoy visiting.
The nest was quite a challenge which I really enjoyed in the end.....the issue was the dark murky waters of the lagoon from all the leaf litter within. 
I  have done my best....could have kept fiddling with it forever lol! It is such a special feeling to draw something from nature that you have observed and taken an interest in!

It had been an up and down week last week and is often the case when you care for a loved one who is ill but these beauties cheered me enormously! 

Pure sunshine!
I  hope you are all well and safe. My Mister and I are off for our 2nd Vax tomorrow and I admit to feeling a sense of relief.
Take care
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. We've both had our 2nd vax with a great feeling of relief, Michelle. Well done on the pretty stitching.....and I love the moorhen! Near our former house in the Big Smoke was apark with a lake where we often saw them.

  2. Lovely post Michelle. The sunflowers are so sunny and golden, full of good cheer. I had my second vax today - so far, much better, as not the side effects of last time. Your moor hen is absolutely beautiful, you really are a great artist you know. And guess what, I made a crotchet bikini back in those days too, he he. PS your little hearts are Perfection xxxx

  3. Sooo much eye candy in this post, Michelle. You posses many artistic talents...that painting is gorgeous. I also love the fussy cut Beatrix Potter in one of the hearts. Congrats on getting your 2nd vax and good luck!

  4. Your art is exquisite Michelle (as well as your stitching) I can't tell which is the photo and which is your beautiful drawing.
    Yes we are double vaxxed here in our house, but so many aren't!!

  5. I have been thinking of you and your hubby, Michelle, but dont want to intrude. I'm pleased that your stitching gives you so much happiness, and those gorgeous sunflowers certainly brighten up the day! Take care.

  6. Your artwork of the Moorhen in her newly built nest with the background of the water lilies is exquisite, Michelle. Pretty hearts and tags. Loving your quilting on Heartstrings, too. How lovely it would be to sit at that table and enjoy a cup of tea, in a pretty teacup and drink in the beauty of that room. May your day be a beautiful one. Your lovely post has put a smile into my morning.

  7. Your Moorhen picture is stunning.... I really get a feel of 3D with those leaves going back... fantastic.... Love the sewing of course and I keep gettign the nags with WYLIH which I want to start .... soon soon. Love the tags.... sunflowers always give a smile into a room don't they.

  8. Hope all goes well with the second needle for you and hubby. Wonderful post of your beautiful art and quilts. The tags are beautiful too.

  9. All such beautiful things Michelle - I wonder what you will do with the crochet heart now that you have rediscovered it! The Moorhen piece is stunning and lovely that its from your husbands photograph. Hugs. xx

  10. Nice to work on your Heartstrings and little hearts… how cute is the Beatrix one….
    Your drawing is gorgeous and the bright sunflowers 🌻 do bring sunshine into your home….🤗

  11. Beautiful stitching on Heartstrings. The sunflowers definitely bring in the sunshine.xx

  12. It is interesting to see how we do change our plans around the weather, even with our stitching. And thankfully we have plenty to choose from.
    The tags are lovely. Quite a trip down memory lane with that hearts.
    Your sunflowers are gorgeous. Love seeing those.
    Great to get that second shot out of the way, too.

  13. Your art work is exquisite. Lots of lovely stitching projects.

  14. your post is a feast for the eyes!
    Love your little hearts, have you been putting them together into a quilt?
    what beautiful sunflowers, they definitely brighten your day.

  15. It's lovely to see what you are up to Michelle - so much to look at and your handwork is so lovely. The Moorhen piece is amazing - I think you achieved an excellent amount of murkiness in the water! The detail in the nest too is wonderful.

  16. Your quilts are coming along beautifully and I really love your artwork with the bird in the nest. It is good that you have found some time for yourself and can unwind .

  17. I haven't been doing any stitching for ages, but you are making it up for me! :-)

  18. Your talent is amazing Michelle. Love the drawing & all your "tags" & even the heart collection is growing once again. Hugs to you & Mr R. xox

  19. Always a bright moment to see and read about all your beautiful projects. So many different talents combined.

  20. Hi Michelle, such beautiful things in your post 😍 I’m hoping you can help me track down one of your patterns. I started a beautiful stitchery of yours called “Angel Stitches” back in around 2014, which was in a “Bags to Make” magazine. I put it away and only found it a few weeks ago, I have now finished the red work stitching but don’t have the bag pattern to follow. I had already cut out the bag back in 2014 as well. Am I able to buy a copy of the bag pattern from you online? I’d love to complete this gorgeous project.

    Kind regards, Luisa.

  21. What a great post Michelle.... your painting is lovely and so many gorgeous projects.... take care....


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