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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

October Already

 Hello all! It seems incredible to me at how the days are flying by and it also seems to take me ages to get back to my blog these days. But here I am with my stitchings progress.

"Where We Love Is Home " is coming along with the centre house block completed.

It slots in about here.....
I have the Alphabet and Number stitchery blocks waiting in the wings too!

I am happy to see this quilt starting to develop. I was a bit worried that my scrappy fabric choices were a bit much but I think its starting to gel.
Before we had this recent spot of really warm weather I was making headway on my hand quilting on Heartstrings! 
Tags are up to date. Can't quite believe we are up to Tag 40
Tag 38 - Reverse Applique. 
We were asked to keep the bits we cut out for Tag 39.
Tag 39 - Applique. 

Tag 40 - Something "yummy" you had bought from a shop or craft show and never used.
I chose one of a pair of gorgeous ceramic Forget.Me.Not buttons, bought in regional Victoria on one of our wonderful road trips and a pale blue little lace motif, also one of a pair. 

Recently I spent a lovely morning with my littlest Granddaughter sharing some drawing. She loves to draw cartoon characters. Her story was a mobile phone and a packet of fries fell in love hahaha! Such a character and I love to see kids being creative.....just going with it!

Even at 8 years old she is so interesting to have a conversation with and has such a great imagination. My job on request was to draw her favourite....BATMAN! Lets just say Erin's idea of my ability far outweighed the! But she thought it was COOL!
I fancied a little slow stitching and have a little bit of secret stitching in mind....
So that's about it from me. 
Take care and stay safe one and all.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Gorgeous tags and great grandparent precious.

  2. Your ceramic forget-me-not button is absolutely gorgeous Michelle. It was just waiting for this moment. Tag No. 40, and you never run out of creative ideas, I am in awe. Erin is a cutie, and it must be lovely to see her keen to draw and what fun to chat. I love to chat with grandchildren too :) xxx

  3. Love the way the house block looks. It is good when you can start seeing the overall picture. The tags come together so well.
    What fun to have grandie time together.

  4. I love your house block - it looks like a storybook house! Such pretty tags, your applique is gorgeous and those buttons are really sweet. We know who Erin gets her creativity from - don't we? *grin*

  5. Your batman sketch is wonderful! I see where your granddaughter gets her creativity, and possibly, her imagination :)

  6. “Where we Love is Home” will be another gorgeous quilt , it’s surprising how well scrappy ones come together…
    Lovely tags..
    special time with your ?

  7. How wonderful that your granddaughter has inherited your love of art, such a nice hobby to share.

  8. Very special time with your grand daughter and Batman looks amazing! Your house and tags are wonderful.

  9. Where love is home, looks like a lovely project.
    Your tags are so pretty with so many details.
    seems young miss has inherited some of your love of drawing.

  10. The year is flying by - not many more tags to go I guess - they are so pretty

  11. Lovely projects coming along nicely Michelle. Great to see your grandaughter with sketchbook and pencil nad lovely sketches, including your angry batman! xx

  12. Different projects with lovely stitching.... loving Anni's one and the tags are so unique How cute is little Miss and her drawing....

  13. Lovely granddaughter and so sweet she is taking after grandmother with the drawing! Batman and bird and beautiful house block, your quilt gelling, all wonderful. But my those tags of yours...they are really beautiful!!

  14. It’s nice to see the progress on your various projects. A special time with your grandie.

  15. So many beautiful projects on the go. The house appliqued block is cute and you are clearly making good progress with the Heartstrings quilt. The tags are lovely. Looks like your grand daughter may inherit your creative genes.

  16. I love watching your "tag" collection grow... they are all so interesting.
    Nice embroidery work & your GD thinks the world of her Nanna I'm sure...xox

  17. Michelle que diversion dibujar con tu nieta, tus tarjetas son divina me encanta nº 4o no me olvides es una de mis flores favoritas!!


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