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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Spring Has Almost Sprung

 Tomorrow Spring arrives....we have been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous days....bit grey today but no complaints here. My King Orchid has definitely been in a blooming good mood, giving me 6 beautiful flower spikes to enjoy this year.

A new rose drawing is on the drawing board also...must be Spring Fever! 

Tags are up to date. 
Tag 33 - Flags
Being a turn it over make it neat freak, struggled to make it work.....but brief met!
Tag 34 - Make Yourself a Cuppa
A dotty cup of coffee for me for this tag on an old piece of tatty vintage lace.
Tag 35 - 3 Buttons + a precious piece of fabric.
I chose a scrap of Paris Flea Market fabric that I had made a special quilt out of in memory of a dear friend. A piece of ribbon from a vintage haberdashery in Castlemaine Victoria and 3 vintage buttons on a lace medallion. Loved this one!

I borrowed this photo from our clever tag lady Anne Brookes to show you all the tags that were sent from all over the world.

In the far left hand bottom corner you will see mine!  The navy blue with the hexie. Just amazing the amount of folks stitching them from everywhere!
Last week our son came to spend some time with his Dad so I managed a little time for some machine sewing and got straight on to getting up to date on my Heartstrings project. Only to discover that I was a block short because I had decided to leave out the applique block....arrggh!
I chose the same size stitchery from one of Natalies other designs and presto! Done!

The next border of hexies could then be added and I am up to date .....I think!
So now on to the final border.....I have gone off script as I am not a fan of teeny tiny patchwork blocks so I am going with a combo of applique and EPP.
Hopefully it will look this space!
Take care everyone and stay safe.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Your Heartstrings project is looking wonderful, nice that you could spend a little time working on it.

  2. You have been busy, especially with those tags. Yours are looking lovely. And that wall of tags does look amazing.
    Beautiful work on heartstrings, too. That is coming together very nicely. I am impressed with your quick thinking re the missing block.
    Yes, very much looking forward to Spring. Waiting for the warmth and the garden pleasures.

  3. Beautiful orchids, Michelle - so pretty! Wow, so many tags.....wouldn't they make a pretty display on a Christmas tree, or indeed any tree? Such lovely patchwork, and well done on the extra block!

  4. Lots of nice things Michelle - good to see you drawing and your tags are still the nicest I see! What ana mazing collection sent to the head tag lady! Heartstrings is looking lovely and your heart border looks like it will complement it beautifully. xx

  5. Heart strings is looking gorgeous! love the little stitchery you chose..your orchid is amazing! and your rose drawing too...great display of flags (love your versions too)

  6. So many lovely projects Michelle, you are a wonderful crafter. Your coffee cup is cute, and I totally love the Paris Flea market tag. The wall of tags is quite astonishing, everybody is stitching their way through the lockdowns. Your King Orchid action is gorgeous to herald Spring. Ours has just started over the past day or so. Happy painting and sewing! xxx

  7. Beautiful orchids for you to enjoy.
    Pleased you were able to do some drawing , work on your lovely tags and also sew the Heartstrings….
    I’m sure the next border will look great.

  8. Those tags are amazing. I love the little blue bird of happiness that you went with for the missing block.

  9. That photo of all those tags is amazing Michelle!! I just love seeing everyones different tags over on Instagram. Yes spring is definately in the air here too. Your orchid looks beautiful! Gosh I am in love with your Heartstrings quilt - just stunning ❤❤😊

  10. A lovely post full of beautiful things you have done.... the tag wall must be fun for her. I just love your version of Heartstrings... a few people were sewing the next border at retreat and there might have been a few swear words said... lots of love


  11. Hello Michelle! Your Heartstrings quilt is looking fabulous! And all those tags, how amazing!
    I hope you can enjoy your spring :-), it is a count down to autumn here..

  12. Lovely post full of beautiful things Michelle, your orchid is stunning.

  13. Nice orchids.....I can't get mine to flower again...... Lots of nice projects on the go..... The Rose is beautiful.....

  14. So many more beautiful projects. You are so productive! Loving Heartstrings and how you added that stitchery. I have been tempted to buy the kit but reminded myself that I have so many UFOs. I hope you are well and that hubby is doing well . Lovely that your son could spend time with him. It is a difficult time down here not being able to see family. Enjoy your sunny days .

  15. Dear Michelle, your Heartstrings is just looking great, what a wonderful quilt. Nice progress.


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