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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

JUNE Is Busting Out All Over

 Hello friends. I have been away from my blog longer than I intended. But these days seem to be a continuous round of hospital appointments, sitting on the phone trying  to organise all manner of seemingly trivial yet vital services etc. I have developed a major dislike for being put on HOLD with crappy music! So a quick pic on Instagram seems to be all that I have managed. Some days I feel as though I am living in an alternate universe.....THANK GOODNESS for pencils and needle and thread! 

It has amazed me though, how working on a series of little things,  in lots of small increments that I can pick up and put down again have added up to quite a lot! 

I am still loving the #52tagchallenge and here are the latest ones. 

Tag 21 - Bullion Knot on an edge. Neat way to use bullion stitches....

Tag - 22 Layers of Lace ....right up my street as they say....all vintage pieces....yum!

Tag - 23 Flowers using a colour you haven't used before. I had a gorgeous CGT called Blueberry that I never could find a project to use it for. So that was my choice. 

It really hasn't shown up a lot but it was used!
This weeks tag...
Tag - 24 Needle Tatting 
My efforts are in the middle and I added a vintage piece of tatted trim down the side and a vintage tatted butterfly...seemed the perfect place to showcase them.
I have always wanted to learn how to do this so have been practising. Mainly on single rings and flowers. 
More video tutorials required on how to make a line of rings like the piece on my tag. I am looking forward to using some of the flowers on my slow stitching pieces.
With my sewing book completed I started  a long strip for one of the vintage spools I have ..oh what a lovely time I have been enjoying, working on it. 
A few progress shots....

This is the spool it is meant for.  I suspect that there may be several spools used this way!
I have been using some special thread on this piece. A family friend now in her late eighties gave me this box of threads several years ago on the proviso that I used it.

I could never bring myself to until now....they are gorgeous and even though 100% silky! They must be very old as our friend was given several boxes by her neighbour when she was a teenager (the neighbour used to have a haberdashery shop) and was an old lady when the gift was made.
So happy that they are now part of my slow stitching could say continuing the thread down through the years. 
There has also been hand quilting going on in the chilly evenings we are having.....

A wonderful book has been read in the sleepless hours by clever Queensland author Avril Kenny.

And some quality time spent with my lovely coloured pencils......there is something beautiful about a rose!

A sweet little Granddaughter had a "Wild" birthday party. She was so excited....I  love that all my Grandchildren have a love for the natural world and its creatures xx I thought DD did a great job on the rainbow snake cake using Great Grand Nan's ring cake tin!
Cake, Cousin and Girlfriends 

Baby Croc

Little Sugargliders

Tawny Frogmouth Nightjar

Olive python

Thank you if you are still with me throughout this long epistle. 
I hope you are all well and my lovely friends in Victoria, well and safe, dry and warm.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Your stitching is exquisite, Michelle - as always! My goodness, that was a "wild" party indeed......I don't mind the sugarglider (cute) and tawny frogmouth (we have had a visit from one) but not so much the snakeys and croc.

  2. Your work is as always so beautiful and inspiring.I always seem so lazy when I see what you are achieving. Keep up your lovely work. Sending hugs.

  3. A lovely post and what beauties you have been working on.... I love your slow stitching... so full of ideas and imagination.... gorgeous...
    What a fun birthday party (except for the real snake)

  4. It's so good to have your needle and pencils to create with when you have time...
    Lovely work on your tags and vintage spool..
    What a different "Wild Party" for your GD.. she looks like she enjoyed meeting the visiting wild friends.....

  5. Lovely catch up Michelle. I am loving all your tags and the spool idea is great - I have a long narrow crazy quilting sampler I started years ago which is heading the same way. Gorgeous threads. Great party pictures tho I am not sure about the snake! xx

  6. Such beautiful creative stitching Michelle and I loved reading the story about the gifted threads. Hospital appointments certainly take over our lives at times like this, hugs to you both.

  7. Michelle tus trabajos siempre maravillosos.
    ¡Felicidades a tu nieta!
    Cuídate y disfruta de tus costura , pinturas , nietos.....

  8. Gosh your tags are just beautiful Michelle & those snippet rolls - Oh my goodness! I have been tempted to start one of those. If I had been a guest at your darling grandaughters Wild themed birthday party - I would've been hiding in a cupboard!!!

  9. Lovely projects all round. The tags are a delight. I am so pleased you can find time to enjoy these pleasures. Little projects are a great idea.
    Looks like a lot of fun was had at the birthday party.

  10. Lovely work as always. What a great idea for a birthday party...the birthday girl is certainly enjoying the day.

  11. so many beautiful projects to work on. all the embroidery and details on your tags and reel cover are amazing.
    Fantastic theme and visitors for your GD birthday party!

  12. Wonderful post Michelle, I sympathise with you about the phone hold music 🙄, maybe you can put them on speaker and stitch on your beautiful projects. Love your spool project, so many beautiful bits and pieces. Great progress on the baskets and what a wonderful birthday gathering for your grand daughter. How special to see those animals. Thinking of you.

  13. Hi Michelle loving all your beautiful work.
    Think of you & your hubby often xxx🌹🌹🌹

  14. I am amazed at the number of beautiful projects you have done and ones currently being worked on. They are all so lovely. I haven't blogged for a while so apologise if I have missed some of your posts.

  15. Exquisite stitching brimming over in this post. Your pieces are beautiful. Gorgeous roses you have imagined with those magical pencils of yours. Wow...a baby crocodile at a birthday party...amazing!

  16. glad the drawing and stitching has kept you going during all the medical appts......

  17. Just loving your tags and embroidery. Such fine work, so is your rose drawing.

  18. so many beautiful projects. Great photos of the GD Birthday


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