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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Sewing and Milestones

 Good morning all. It has been quite cool for my little corner of the world which has been quite nice for hand pics as you won't see much difference. But a stitch has been done here and there.

I have completed the butterflies block for Where You Love Is Home quilt. Another is prepped and ready to go.

The last page for my Slow Stitching Book is is a bit busy but I had several lacy pieces that I wanted to use without chopping them up. It did have me a little flummoxed as to how to achieve it and seem to take me ages with a lot of staring at it lol!

The cover is now underway.....then I must work out putting it on.....lots of head scratching and research ahead!

Last two tags....not sure if I have posted  No. 19....anyway it was WORDS. I used a little scrap of favourite you keep the very last scrap of favourites? 
Seemed relevant in my current situation. 
Tag No. 20 was PEKINESE STITCH.... I have never done it before. It was interesting but I should have made the base stitches bigger to make bigger loops but it was something new learnt and that's a good thing. 

I actually got my sketchbook out recently has been sorely neglected over the last little while. However a juvenile Little Friarbird just seemed to be asking to be I found that I could happily oblige!

Felt good I must say.
I am very humbled that more beautiful hearts and lovely cards are still arriving with the postman......thank you xxxx

We also celebrated my dear Husband's birthday. We enjoyed spoiling him with some of his favourites.
Team merch, favourite people and cupcakes....

That is about it from me for now.
Take care of each other.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 



  1. Your slow stitching book is just beautiful Michelle - it makes my heart skip each time you show another page. That is some wonderful hearts that have been arriving. Happy Birthday to Mr R. xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing your slow stitchng book. Happy birthday to the birthday boy.

  3. Oh what a great effort with your sewing and art. All very beautiful. Keep it up. Xx

  4. Sending birthday wishes to Mr R.....celebrating with family is the best! Your slow stitching book is sweet, so is your baby friarbird.

  5. Michelle que bonita entrada . todo es hermoso en ella. Felicidades a tu esposo.

  6. Swooning here at the sight of all that lovely lace,drawing and stitching. Everything you make is so wonderful! So nice to visit, you talented thing you!

  7. Beautiful work as always Michelle. Love that slow stitching book.
    Happy Birthday to Gary. Gosh your grandaughter in the first photo looks like you (lucky girl).

  8. a beautiful butterfly block.... and your slow stitching is lovely.... such great imagination to put it all together.... great to have the grandies around to wish G happy happies..... cake is always a good thing....

  9. OOOh that gorgeous lace...& you have a talent for capturing the look of a bird.
    Hope Gary had a wonderful birthday too...with lots of family around...xox

  10. Lovely to see all your gorgeous stitching with all those lovely projects. Just so pretty.
    Great to see family joining in hubby's birthday celebrations. Cheers.

  11. Great family pictures Michelle. Lots of nice sewing happening - beautiful butterflies and lacy page. The little tag with its flap is lovely. And good to get those pencils out. xx

  12. Wonderful photos of Mr R. and the grandies. Love your butterflies in the garden, your slow stitching is beautiful as are your tags. Happy birthday to Mr R.

  13. Lovely projects as always. Good to see hubby had a lovely birthday.

  14. Nice butterfly block and beautiful bird drawing. Good to see you had a lovely birthday for your husband.

  15. Such a wonderful post Michelle, gorgeous stitching and drawing.... lovely.... Happy Birthday to your hubbie,great photo with the grandies....

  16. Lovely slow stitching projects, glad hubby had a good birthday xx


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