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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Quilting Finally!

 Good morning everyone. Finally my quilting thread arrived.....very happy quilter! 

So I have been able to make some headway with quilting Basket Case.
I have cross hatched the centre block.....

With simpler quilting on the little basket blocks.

It's been a lovely pastime in the evenings with the weather finally cooler.
I have kept up with the #52tagchallenge and No.18 -Paper Piecing is finished. I felt this one was a little boring on my part but I enjoyed it.
Whilst in the "hexie" mood I made a start on the ones I want for my Heartstrings border.....several done and with a bit more hospital sittings they will grow!
My Slow Stitching Book is coming along too. I am having a very nice time working on this page.....

A thing I love is when the resident pair of Pale-headed Rosellas in my garden come to my front balcony for a little bit of seed that I leave out....if you don't know what they look like this is a drawing I did of one a while ago. They are beautiful shy birds and a treat to watch when they visit.
I usually bring the little bit of seed in each night but sometimes if dusk falls before I get there I find there is not a bit left.....Well I found the thief.... a very naughty possum, taking advantage of my tardiness!
Not a clear photo as I had blasted him with the balcony light....but there can be NO doubt who is responsible lol! So cheeky!
Well I must away. Another hospital visit today. So a few more hexies I guess.
I shall leave you with my two beautiful Granddaughters.....another great pic from the art installation they went to.
Namaste and Blessings Blessings Michelle xxx 

PS I have received some lovely comments from some of you that I have not been able to respond if I haven't answered your comment its because you are coming up as a no reply blogger. But thank you for your lovely comments xx


  1. Basket case is going to be so gorgeous all done hand quilted... glad your thread finally arrived. Lots of lovely work being done on different projects over at your place.... we occasionally get visited by the Pale Headed... they are lovely. Great picture of the girls, that art installation looks such fun... I looked up the website... I think you and I wouild have a lot of fun there!!!!!

  2. Good progress on your quilting. Love the startled look on the possums face......cheeky fellow. Hexies are such a good pick up and put down project.

  3. Lovely to get back to the quilting I am sure Michelle - looking beautiful. The little tag is pretty as is the book page. Great 'caught in the act' picture. Love from grey, wet France. xx

  4. Beautiful quilting on your basket quilt! Plus that slow stitching book is just lovely nice works in progress hugs, Julierose

  5. It's good to be a happy quilter, Michelle, and your stitching is lovely! That's a "guilty" look if ever I saw one, caught in the act for sure.

  6. Pleased your threads arrived as you do enjoy your hand quilting and you do a lovely job....
    Nice tag and special book.
    Hexies are a great portable project to work on.
    Cheeky Possum....
    Beautiful photo of the GC.

  7. Lovely projects your working on there...... Oh I would love to have those birds visit my garden......
    Glad you have the handwork to while away the time at the hospital...... Hugs

  8. Lovely projects complimented by your gorgeous hand quilting. So nice to gave some hand work to take along to your hospital visits. Thinking of you both and sending Kiwi cyber hugs.

  9. Gosh your quilting & your tags are just beautiful Michelle. But I am so in love with your slow stitching book & would love to try something like this. Those possums are a pest here too. xx

  10. LoVe love LOVE your cross hatch quilting. And good that you found the culprit.
    Lovely pic of the GD's too.
    Hugs to you xox

  11. Lovely to see you are quilting again now you have the thread. Your tag is lovely and your slow stitching book gorgeous. Possums take advantage don't they!! That is a beautiful photo of your grand daughters.

  12. Your quilting stitches are so precise and dainty Michelle; you must still have excellent sight :) How lovely to have those pale headed Rosellas coming to visit you regularly. We used to get them occasionally, or I would see them down at the creek. But alas, it has been a few years now since they made an appearance and I really like them. So gentle and sweet. Such a cheeky possum - I have done that to a few of them at night too, he he. xoxox

  13. You have been busy :-)
    Lovely quilting. I am currently in hexie mood too, no idea where it is going....You are right, so portable.

  14. Lovely to see you stitching and blogging again xx

  15. 2 beautiful girls there. Love the watercolour parrot. Your projects are beautiful , as always. Take care.

  16. Good to see that thread arrive to let you get on with your quilting. And it always seems to take ages when you are waiting for it to arrive.
    As always, I enjoy seeing the projects that have kept you busy.
    I am not surprised to see that cheeky possum sneaking in. Well and truly caught in the act.

  17. Oh everything is gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day. The girls are growing up so quickly and so cute 😍
    Take care. X

  18. Dear Michelle, your stitchings look just lovely, such nice work and so much progress.

  19. Your quilting projects are lovely.


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