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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Slow Stitching

 Hello friends.  I didn't mean to be so long between posts but time just seems to go by in a blur these days of hospital visits, medical visitors etc.

Before I  begin my post,  I like other bloggers have recieved a notification to say that Feedburner after July would not be supporting the "Follow by Email" feature on our blogs. So that does make me sad as I know that I have lot of folks who access my blog that way. At the moment I do not have the time to work out a way around  that other than to suggest that you can follow through a Google account or check in regularly for new posts....sigh * I  know thats a pain. 

I would be interested to hear what other bloggers think or how they plan to get around it. As I would hate to lose my lovely followers.

I have recently been the recipient of such kindness from the blogging world and fellow stitching friends. My dear friend Fiona sent the word out that I needed cheering and beautiful hand stitched hearts started appearing in my mailbox and were delivered by hand....they have come from near and far! Thank you so much to you all. I am humbled by your meant more than you will know. Big hugs to you all especially my dear friend Fiona @bubzrugz Thank you also for the beautiful cards and get well wishes for my husband xx

Ok on to some stitching! I have been waiting for more quilting thread to arrive so I can get back to my hand quilting. In the meantime I have got just a wee bit hooked on Slow Stitching a book as well as enjoying the #52tagchallenge. 

These are the pages achieved so far. 

Being a person who has the bad habit of not reading instructions and diving into things...I am attempting to sew the pages together in my own way....sheesh! 
And this is the next page in progress....I didn't mean to end up with themes but I have....bees, nature, teatime and now sewing lol!
The thing that I am enjoying is using up those little orphan blocks and bits of stitching abandoned in tins etc. The same with the tag challenge....using rather than discarding!
We are now on week 17 of our tags and this week's challenge was to use a colour you hadn't used in the previous tags and the technique was COUCHING. I chose gorgeous RED and found some little bits of bobbly yarn and I am quite pleased with it.

I have a good little collection now....I have had to buy a bigger binder ring to cater for the tags to come.....once again waiting patiently for the postman.
Hubby and I on his week off treatment managed to get out and enjoy a picnic at our favourite local was a gorgeous day and just what we skies, sunshine, fresh air, nature and cheeky birdlife!

We commemorated Anzac Day here on Sunday and we  were treated to some delicious homemade Anzac bikkies for afternoon tea from our Daughter.

We also had a birthday for our dear eldest this photo of her and her fairy wings!

So that is me all caught up. See you next time.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Wow, the collection of hearts is growing well.Lovely to see them together.
    Good to see you keeping some stitching going in between all the medical visits.
    And Happy Birthday wishes to your granddaughter. The photo is gorgeous.

  2. What a lovely collection of hearts for my special friend....xx glad they are working! I do love that stitching book you are doing... lots of gorgeous detail in there and a lovely butterfly grandiegirl...... xx

  3. love all those beautiful hearts, hope you are feeling the love sent with them x
    your stitching book is so pretty, love all the details in each one, and those little tags are gorgeous too.

  4. Michelle felicidades a tu preciosa mariposa!!
    Esos corazones son tan especiales. Tus costuras adorables.
    Te sigo por correo electrónico

  5. Lovely catch up Michelle. Your pages are so beautiful and the collection of tags is growing nicely.
    I followed a lot of blogs using feedburner but it suddenly stopped working properly for me a year or so ago and so I transfered all the blogs I love to Bloglovin. However, I still get a couple of blogs using feedburner including my own which is useful to check that it has posted OK so I shall miss that. I dont know if non bloggers can use bloglovin though as I have a few non blogging friends and family who use feedburner and I am not sure what they will do. No doubt something will turn up. xx

  6. The pages in your book are stunning. Lovely to be able to get outdoors and enjoy. Take care.

  7. Such a lot of lovely work Michelle and pleased to hear that it brings you comfort at this time.
    Does your book have a specific pattern or are you winging it? It looks stunning.
    I'm doing the tags as well but am a couple of weeks behind and as we have the Littlies this week it will be next week before I can even think of catching up. I am enjoying them and love to see everyone elses creations.
    Take care, best wishes to you and Hubby

  8. Lovely to see all the hearts sent to you & I LoVe the "tags". The book is also GoRGeOus.
    Take care & keep on enjoying those lovely days out with hubby. Hugs xox

  9. The postie has been very busy at your place lately!
    How sweet is that fairy picture? one to treasure.
    The tags & pages are so pretty and a useful distraction for you.

  10. Gosh those hearts look great Michelle & the colours are very You also. I adore the book you are stitching - its SO beautiful!! I am also enjoying seeing your gorgeous tags over on Instagram. I'm pleased to read you are getting out on Hubby's non-treatment weeks - these autumn days have been glorious. Take care Michelle xx

  11. Lovely to have so many caring friends sending your Hearts....
    Your sweet orphan blocks are growing into a lovely book.
    Pleased you enjoyed a great outing together.
    The Anzac bikkies look yum..
    What a gorgeous butterfly...
    Hugs Michelle.

  12. Nice to see the hearts arriving at your place Michelle, lots of love coming your way. Your slow stitching book and tags are lovely and your fairy looks so pretty with her wings.

  13. How nice of Fiona to gift you some hearts and make your beautiful collection grow. Lovely stitching pages.

  14. Been thinking of you Michelle.....

  15. Hi Michelle, so glad you managed to have a day out, so good for spirits.
    I like the idea of fabrics books, I plan to put my bits of needlework together at some point.
    I don't follow your blog by email - simply because my inbox is hard to deal with as it is on some days. I still like to go to my blog and check out the side bar = "blogs I follow", it still works for me. I really do wish they did not mess around with the settings, just when one gets used to something new, there comes another change. I have a suspicion they are doing it just amuse themselves ;-)
    Keep strong,

  16. Dear Michelle, I have been away and missed a few posts. How lovely to have the hearts arrive in your letter box during such a difficult time. The hospital hours must be exhausting for you all, and you are putting the time into your most beautiful work. Your book pages are absolutely gorgeous. My group is starting on something similar, but as a long scroll wound around a spool. Hugs to you and G. xxx


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