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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Special Days

It is such a blessing to be able to be with friends for their special celebrations. Yesterday I travelled to one of my old haunts in fact where I lived in two different abodes and married at the church across the road.
The old Planet picture theatre (attended here often too) now houses a wonderful Antique Centre and Cafe. We chose this venue to celebrate my dear friend Lorel's special birthday.
It was just lovely all being together. It had been a while as several of us had been away on vacation.
Of course you must have cake.....even if it is teeeny!
Lunch was delicious and I am sure the tea tasted better in the Queen Victoria teapot.
Yours truly and the birthday girl. Lorel is my partner in crime in many stitching adventures.
Don't you love those little compartments behind us.....think of the treasures you could stash in there.
Before we settled down to lunch we went for a wander around the centre. We all loved the reference to the centres previous life. The cafe reception is the old ticket office and candy bar.
A star or two is always in vogue!
All the wonderful stands full of  all manner of treasure......
Very cool Barber.....
And old theatre chairs in the waiting area. Elvis couldn"t keep his seat lol!
Of course the china caught my eye straight away.
Funky old spectacle frames....
Is it strange that I wanted to play with all these pretty drawer knobs???
Beautiful pressed tin on the stairwell....
Do you love collections of old bottles? I do!
I also loved the pretty (real) orchids on the tables.....beautiful!
A really happy day with very good friends xxxx
On the stitching front I have another Gardener's Journal block done.....very apt I thought.
"Smell the Roses"
It is not a great photo but in real life the first "Angel Story" block is looking really pretty. I was worried it maybe a bit toooo pretty for me but no, I love using these fabrics.....up to the stitchery on it......
That's me all caught up except to say a huge thank you to you all for your kind wishes for our little Charlie girl. She is doing better, thankfully and we are waiting anxiously for some more tests. So she will be in hospital a little longer. She is such a brave girl and took Nana and all her tubes down to the Starlight Room (Fabulous, wonderful people by the way)for some awesome body and face painting!
Got the whole Princess package lol! Nana had a cool owl but it washed off.
Bye for now!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi my lovely friend ,happy birthday to Lorel and what a beautiful place to visit,so many wonderful things to look at.
    God bless your gorgeous grand daughter who by the way i think looks a lot like you,such a sweet little princess,hope she gets better soon xx

  2. What a wonderful place to visit and rummage. Oh what surprises you could dip up. Hope little Charlie is doing well.

  3. Oh what a dear little Princess you have ! I love the look of the Camp Hill centre - it is going on my to do list immediately. I want tea from a Victoria teapot too :)

  4. wow gorgeous shop - might have to organise a road trip for the Tuesday Girls.. lovely photos and what a cutie..xx

  5. I visited the Antiques Centre a few weeks ago with my sister. Didn't try the cafe as we had already lunched at The Smug Fig, which is next to The Old Boathouse antiques & collectables. I'm sure we'll be back to try the Tart Cafe soon!

  6. What a wonderful place......does this mean one has to be a tart to eat there? *grin* Best wishes to little Charlie Girl, I'm sure she will be bouncing back even more soon.

  7. Brilliant teapot! What a great place to visit, a real treasure trove.

  8. What a lovely place to celebrate your friends special BD. No not strange to play with the gorgeous ceramic knobs, I would too.
    Lovely GJ block ..
    Pleased little Charlotte is getting better and hope all tests are good. Such a pretty Princess 👸 and why didn't we see the owl 🦉 ?

  9. What a great place to visit and look at all those treasures. Meeting with friends to celebrate special times in always wonderful. And so pleased your little darling is progressing in hospital.

  10. lovely smile on the little princess! slowly getting there. Happy birthday to Lorel, looks a really lovely place to celebrate and visit... and I'm not sure about your obsession with knobs.... hmmmm

  11. Lovely post Michelle - wonderful to go to such a lovely place to celebrate your friends birthday & to all get together. Your angel story blocks are looking great & Charlie looks like such a sweetie.

  12. beautiful face painting! What a fabulous place to visit with friends.

  13. Your grand daughter look beautiful with her face painted. Hope she is all good and home soon. Your angel block is beautiful. That looked a wonderful place to visit, no dont think it wqs strange to play with the doorknobs, I played with some I found and brought some home!! Love your stitchery and yes roses are appropriate!! 😆😆

  14. Your granddaughter is such a pretty little girl. I do hope she is able to have some smiles and laughs despite being in hospital. My heart just melts for her and your family. Loving your stitcheries and the angel applique. THat antique shop is amazing! I would have spent hours there. Glad you were able to have such an enjoyable day out with dear friends.

  15. Awww doesn't she look cute.. what a brave little girl... hope she gets all fixed up can go home soon. Your little trip looked amazing.. such fantastic sights.. xx

  16. Oh that photo of Charlotte brought back memories. Hope she gets rid of all those tubes soon. Captain starlight is fantastic... happy memories. Not a tea drinker but love the teapot and would be fossicking with you in the door knobs. Love your angel story block.

  17. Sounds like a lovely day - Love the "tart" cafe!
    Your little Charlie girl certainly has a big smile - sending you & her a hug.


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