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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Nearly Done

Good morning to you all. It is a beautiful morning here.....sunshine and blue skies. The showers we have had have been very welcome however. It's been lovely to see the dry crunchy brown lawn almost magically turn green. I think the birds loved it too as I had a family of blue faced honeyeaters in my Jacaranda yesterday.  I spent some quiet time just watching their antics....too quick for my camera. But they were in there. For my overseas friends they look like this....

Meanwhile I am stitching the last little block on Gardener's Journal.
The last few blocks were polished off during the week.
I have truly enjoyed stitching these blocks....trimming and assembly not to far away.
It is the time of year when secret stitching is underway and I am participating also.
This week was time to catch up with the girls for stitching and even though our ranks weren't full we had a lovely time. Friend Ann gave me a book to read.
It was a strange tale and I am still deciding whether I liked it or not....interesting certainly. And I have to say it flowed so beautifully, it was over before I knew it! Does that ever happen to you? Not loving a book but you can't say you didn't like it either ......hmmmm! This author also wrote "The Girl With The Pearl Earring" and I seem to remember feeling the same way about that book too....has anyone else read it?
Books certainly can evoke responses in us can't they.
Must go I have laundry to get out in that beautiful sunshine.
I wish you all a relaxing weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Yes, i agree about The Girl with the Pearl earring...I didn't really love it per se, but read on anyway...strange...
    Anyhoo, love your little garden blocks--this will be a lovely piece--enjoy your weekend (it's still friday night here ;)))
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. I haven't read either of those books but i did read her The Last Runaway & if i remember right it was a bit strange too. Love your garden blocks. Hugs, xx

  3. Hi Michelle,I haven't read either of these books.
    Gee it didn't take you long to do the gardeners Journal blocks,well done and I also love watching the birds,hope you and Gary have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  4. Love watching and listening to the birds. So nice to have the rain but the sunshone is wonderful. You stitcheries are beautiful. It will be finished in no time. Enjoy your weekend xx

  5. Yes, I have that book and quite liked it.. Her book "Remarkable Creatures" is a good read too. Love your honeyeater. Your stitching us beautiful. Have you chisen the fabrics to piece them together? That is my stumbling block lol. Those hexie fabrics are rather yummy. Looking forward to seeing the big reveal .

  6. I have read and loved all Tracy Chevalier's books. Her research is amazing. I can especially recomend The Lady and the Unicorn, Remarkable Creatures and The Last Runaway. Those little seed packets are sweet. xx

  7. Your Gardners Journal stitcheries are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing them joined together. Robyn P put me onto the Great Backyard Birdwatch this week so have been taking 20 mins a day to watch and record the birds in the yard, it is amazing how many there are! Very pretty hexies! I haven't read that book, maybe one day!

  8. Beautiful stitches, Michelle. I love the angel on the pillow! Kisses, my friend.

  9. Your garden stitcheries are so lovely... you certainly get a lot done in your week! I haven't picked up a stitchery in ages.. and I need to made some samples of your patterns for the shop!!! Need to get busy! xx

  10. Hi Michelle, the Gardeners Journal looks tempting, very attractive, and your cushion is beautiful, pure Michelle if I may say :)
    Greetings from my Jacaranda to your Jacaranda. May the purple continue. xo

  11. I love the colours in those honeyeaters.... and though I have quite a few more to do I am loving GJ too. love your little cushion ...

  12. Hello Michelle, so good you are having great weather...ENJOY I am freezing over here.

  13. How exciting to be on the last blocks of GJ. It IS lovely to see some green grass and a full water tank.. Lots of secret stuff showing up everywhere...

  14. Morning and yes the rain was lovely and how beautifully fresh everything is...


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