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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Up the M1

Yesterday I accompanied Mr.R. up the M1 to the north coast to collect a piece for our van awning that he had made up there. I was promised coffee and cake if I came and being a pushover for C&C I agreed.
The thing that I didn't know was the awning business was literally right across the road from here....The Patchwork Angel! I haven't been here for a very long time.
Well I had to go in. It would have been rude not to! Besides I needed threads for my Crinoline Ladies.  So it was a "need" not a "want" lol! Well that's my story anyway. It's a lovely shop! A few bits caught my eye....
I bought some fat eighths on special to use for my clamshells. I am finding it hard to have a variety of the vintage type fabrics I wanted for this I  was pleased to get those. But mostly stitching supplies. I had a great time wandering around in there. I loved the cute caravan fabric.....NO IDEA what I bought it for....maybe it is my need to be in it and out on a country road somewhere shining through!
I did get coffee and cake...well a delicious caramel tartlet....pastry as light as!
Very nice drive it turned out to be. Nice to spend the time together.
Yesterday was also the anniversary of the day, well actually the night Mr. R. and I met. My girlfriend and I went to a Battle of the Bands competition and dance in the city at the now demolished Festival Hall. He asked me to dance and we haven't been apart for any length of time since. My friend wasn't as pleased with Mr. R'S mate....he got the heave ho lol! We seemed so grown up but we were such youngsters... a funny extra. I was to meet him the next week in the city. I missed my bus and was over an hour late....I rushed to the meeting spot, positive he would have left....but he you can say...aawwww! Lol!
We have known each other for 48 years now. The time seems to have just flown by.
Sewing wise....I am now ready to attach my hexies to the main medallion section.
Even though the hexies and I had a few disagreements, I really love this quilt design.
Still lots more hexies, hexie flowers and some clamshells in my future.
Best go. Because I skipped town yesterday, I postponed some chores. I have a very messy sewing room to tidy and sort out. Hope there are no more ufos lurking!
Enjoy your day....all of it. No matter how simple the tasks. Because life can change in a heartbeat.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your cake & sure looks yummy. Lovely goodies from The Patchwork Angel. Loving your hexie project. Hugs, xx

  2. Hi Michelle ,how thoughtful is Gary,thats a lovely day for your birthday,the cake looks yummy and your new purchases are lovely,glad you found some Harriet thread its a gorgeous colour.
    Gee Melissa is the spitting image of you,such a lovely pic of you both.
    Loving your hexies well done ,Namaste my friend xx

  3. How convenient was that......right across from a lovely quilt shop! I like the caravan fabric too, how about a cushion or pillowcase for your van? I love the story of how you two sweet.

  4. Lovely story Michelle...and I bet Mr R is very HaPPy too.

  5. What a great day out!! Love the caravan fabric!Congratulations on your anniversary! The hexies look wonderful. Hoe pretty is that butterfly.

  6. What a lovely day spent with mr R.
    Lovely pic of you young lovebirds.
    Great buys...gorgeous hexies!

  7. Good old Patchwork Angel, I was not sure it was still going. Good news and great purchases. That caravan fabric has to go in your van! Maybe a cushion? It is 48 years this year since we two met - must have been a good year :) xx

  8. Just a beautiful hexagon piece--lovely colors hugs, Julierose

  9. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu den 48 Jahren. So eine schöne Zeit. Da hast du einen schönen Ausflug gemacht, und so schöne Saxhen gekauft. Der Stoff ist Schön. Ich bin begeistert.

    Liebe Grüße Marika

  10. Ooh lovely post Michelle. Congrats on your anniversary. xx

  11. Great trip to awning... I find it VERY hard to resist caramel..... just looking at your picture has made me drool!!! lovely story of you meeting and getting together.... so lucky to grow older with the man .... I would recognise the two of you easily. Love your hexies... did you find any UFO's lurking????

  12. What good luck to discover a patch work shop on your outing. And so nice to read about meeting your beloved all those years ago - thanks for sharing.

  13. What a lovely post Michelle, the caramel tart looks delicious, I love the caravan fabric,and your work, but best of all the photo of you and Mr R.
    My man and I were so young also, still happy together after 57 plus years.
    Hugs R.

  14. You look so young in the photo... lovely though. Think it was meant to be that you visited the quilt shop. Loving the hexes.

  15. A lovely story about you and your dearly beloved meeting :-) Congratulations on tehe 38 years together. Nice little shopping haul from your suprise shopping expedition in that lovely shop and the 'cake' doesn't look half bad either :-) Your hexies are looking great! Happy Saturdayxx

  16. Happy meeting day anniversary. That cake looks delicious. Your hexies are growing beautifully.

  17. That looks like a lovely way to spend the day and celebrate your special anniversary. Pleased there were some purchases along the way, too. Can't pass by a shop like that!

  18. Great story about the night you met Mr R. Bet he's glad he didn't get the heave ho!

  19. A lovely little drive for you both Michelle, nice purchases from The Patchwork Angel.. I have never been there, ummm one day.... I love the story how you met Mr. R. Oh yes with no mobile phones in those days to let him know what happened. So lucky he waited, he obviously knew his destiny...


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