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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

One of THOSE Days!

Well we all have them...those "annoying series of mishaps" that send our blood pressure up and let's be's very easy to be all Zen when everything is running smoothly lol! I am no different! Today after a lack of communication we managed to lock ourselves out of our house and neither had our spare keys! I was also running late for a doctors appointment. As the medical centre is quite close I decided to leg it up my very steep hill. If I wasn't ill when I left I sure felt like it when I got there....numerous other little boring annoyances resulted in retrieving keys from DD from her workplace courtesy of our gorgeous neighbour who took pity on us and we are now finally home....Geez! Louise! I need the cuppa I am now devouring!
Whinge over!
A little bit of what I have been up to. My July block for Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
I changed the butterfly fabric to lemon.....not sure if I like it or not....hmmmm!
More hexies have been basted for Brinton Hall.
I am ready for another Scratchboard model....."Big Red" is finished. I met him at a sanctuary in Victoria last year. I loved him. He was so full of bluff and bravado!
I learnt a lot about colouring techniques on this piece....lots of scritching and scratching on this bloke....its about 8 inches x 10 inches.
As you know I am a RABID Queensland Maroons Rugby League fan and tonight is an important game...the decider for the series against New South Wales!
So I am even going to be stitching in Maroon.....
Well it just seems right!
*****Important ****** Thank you to all of you lovely folk who have commented on my giveaway post. Many of you I couldn't respond to as you came up as "No reply bloggers" but please be at ease you will go in the draw!  I shall get Mr. R. to draw it tomorrow and post the winners on my blog.
I did receive some gorgeous mail from my dear friend Shez
The birthday grinch won't let me open it until my actual birthday! He doesn't have to enjoy it so much!
Ok must fly.....GO THE MIGHTY MAROONS.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Well, darn.....that wasn't a good start to your day! I prescribe some therapeutic stitching and drawing to help you recover. Is there a football match tonight? I hadn't noticed......have to say I'm not at all interested and I don't care who wins or loses, which is probably sacrilegious thinking in this country *grin*

  2. HI Michelle oh dear what a bugger of a start to the day,glad the neighbors helped out.
    I like your lemon butterfly and you have been busy with your hexies.
    Wow Michelle your kangaroo is amazing,you are so clever,hope your maroon team win ,hope Chez doesnt read this,lol.
    Good to see Gary has you under control my friend,hope your day improves zz

  3. Hi Michelle. Please ring me next time..I could have helped you out. I like the butterfly. The hexies are great.Red is simply gorgeous. What a clever girl you are..
    Now come on the Blues. I'm all dressed in the beautiful blue colour. I can't watch the game. I get to nervous. friend.

  4. Hi Michelle, I love your butterfly !! And your kangaroo !! Its awful when you have days like that where nothing quite goes right. I hope your favourite team win the game tonight :-)

  5. What a start to the day!! A cuppa was sure needed!! We have a spare key stashed outside now after I was home alone one weekend and locked myself getting to old to be squeezing thru nearly closed windows!!! Love the butterfly and the hexies. You have done a great job with the kangaroo, it looks fantastic. Your stitchery is looking pretty too. Good luck to the Maroons.

  6. Sorry to hear to are not feeling too well, that climb didn't help I'm sure. So glad you have a great neighbor to help. Love your projects, that Kangaroo is just perfection. Take care and get well soon. Guida.

  7. Trust Shez to be so organised. Looking forward to seeing what your gift is. Sorry to hear about your awful start to the day.At least it all turned out okay in the end. Your butterfly block is lovely and I so love your kanga. Lots of lovely stitching and EPP happening at your place. Hope you have a wonderful evening and a better start to the day tomorrow.

  8. What a day for you, you deserve your cup of tea, lovely butterfly, I love the colour. Beautiful stitchery.

  9. I think we all have days like that once in awhile! I love everything I see, especially your very clever butterfly block!

  10. Hey Michelle! Oh how I know exactly what you mean about "THOSE" days ... I sometimes feel like I have mine and someone else's share as well! :0) At least you chose to stitch whilst watching the Maroons ... I'm trying to write/edit instructions ... bit tricky! :0) Still ... the boys are doing well ... QUEENSLANDER!!!! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  11. Just think, today has to be a better day! Love your butterfly block. I need to get started with my blue scraps today.

  12. Ooops! One thing always just leads to another. Glad you were able to get back inside eventually. I can't remember what colour your original butterfly was. Pink would look pretty although I see that everyone likes the lemon one. Nice work on Big Red and how tempting to have that package looking at you! xx

  13. Oh yes we all have those days! Pleased it all worked out and you are enjoying stitching while your team is playing...

  14. Oh dear. Glad it all worked out in the end. Love your projects & Big Red looks fabulous. Hugs,xx

  15. It's a little bit funny - that lost keys thing!!! oh dear what a pain for you. lovely to have a pressie there already. Lots of sewing and your roo is just outstanding - as was our wonderful win last night!

  16. I think we all know the feeling off being locked out. Glad the situation sorted out in the end.
    Lots of lovely stitching as always and I know you will be thrilled with the result of the game.

  17. Oooh, wonder what Shez sent you :) How long do we need to wait?! OH, how awful to lock yourself out... I have done that too in the past and it is a terrible feeling... glad you got in again! xx


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