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Saturday, July 22, 2017


Our July sew in thanks to WENDY at SUGARLANE QUILTS I just scraped in to sign up by the skin of my teeth! My plan was to work on my redwork Crinoline Ladies. I had just a little to go on Block I got that done.
I am loving these designs but boy they take awhile.....lots of stitching or so it seems! I was all set to start on Block Three but had run out of webbing for the back....drat!
So I set to and did a little on Gardener's Journal block The Potting Shed instead to round out my evening....sorry about the unironed block lol!
I enjoyed my little sew in with my bloggy for visit later to see what every else was doing last evening.
My children know me very well and  quite often aid and abet their Mother in her art addiction.....hence a lovely new heavy duty sketch book to take away with me....thanks DD and family. Big heavy duty pages for coloured pencils, pens and watercolour pencils......yummo! Maybe even some mixed media!
I don't know if any of you out there draw or journal but the clean white brand new pages are always both enticing and intimidating to me in equal about you?
I am determined to remedy that later this afternoon!  Put those first marks down! It is only paper after all.....Ahhh scary stuff lol! Us humans are funny folk!
I have been busy with my art....working on a new Scratchboard project. I got some fantastic reference photos of the new male lion when we visited Dubbo Zoo. It was like he posed for us...anyway he is my new male model lol!  The old King was always not in a photogenic mood on our other the new bloke! I think a few more projects will be possible from all my photos. Work in can see how much work it takes with Scratchboard. This is the starting point.
"Heir Apparent "
I loved this pose so much I decided I wanted to try him in coloured pencils also.
Isn't he handsome! Just love him....still so much to do on both but I thought you may enjoy seeing the beginnings of these.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. wow you are in artist in so many mediums! Beautiful.

  2. Magnificent animal he is. And so your artwork as well, you've done him justice.

  3. love your crinoline ladies, very pretty.
    Your art pictures are truly inspiring!

  4. Leo times three are wonderful! I remember doileys with crinoline ladies, and a birthday card with young girls in big frocks.

  5. Your lion art is beautiful. Love your crinoline lady. Hugs, xx

  6. Lovely progress with your redwork.
    How good is it that your family keep you supplied with art materials. You have them well trained!
    Love seeing the two versions of your lion. So regal!

  7. You have such a wonderful talent, both in embroidery and art, thanks for sharing. Guida

  8. Have fun with your drawings

  9. Your drawing is amazing, you are so good. I do love your embroiderey too. Hugs,

  10. I love your redwork and you are an amazing artist too.

  11. Have fun drawing! I love new notebooks and journals, but no art books for me, I'm afraid. Can't wait to see what you fill the book with.

  12. Love your lion enjoy filling in those pages. Lovely redwork.

  13. Your crinoline lady is so beautiful!
    Always love seeing what you are drawing. You're drawings are so amazing.
    Enjoy filling the pages of your new book.
    That are calling to be filled.

  14. The crinoline lady is beautiful - do you daydream of days of old when stitching them? How exciting to have a new sketchbook and very thoughtful of your family....I can relate to that difficulty in making the first mark - taking the first stitch - making the first cut...! Your lions are amazing - beautiful artwork Michelle :-)

  15. I do love those crinolene ladies you are doing and they look wonderful as redwork. I did a bit of GJ too - the vege patch is a bit boring and repetitive! haha.... I love your lion drawings and glad your new book is going to get some good use - looking forward to seeing them!

  16. Your stitchery blocks look lovely and I so love your lion! So many creative things to do but not enough hours to do it all in LOL.

  17. Very nice stitching Michelle. Yes I know exactly what you mean about nice new white pages - very scary! Beautiful lion pics. xx

  18. Oh what talent! Your kingly lion pieces are truly magnificent and you say they aren't done? One of the many delights of FNSI is seeing all the talent!

  19. The crinoline lady looks like a ton of work, but oh so pretty. The king is a king indeed. Love your rendering of him in colour. I had to look up what Scratchboard is. I still don't quite understand it. But it sounds very creative!

  20. Pretty Crinoline lady, and nice to have worked on the Gardeners Journal.
    A fabulous gift 🎁 from your DD. I'm sure you'll enjoy using it.
    The lion is amazing.

  21. Hello Michelle just love your red work crinoline ladies


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