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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Talk Amongst the Teacups

Yesterday it was my turn to have my friends in my stitching group over to my place.
I picked some of my orchids for the table....the wind was knocking them around. So I thought it would be lovely to enjoy them in a vase.
We always get out our pretty teacups when its our turn, which I love doing. After advice from a friend many years ago after she lost everything in Cyclone Tracey in Darwin, I use all my treasures....her advice "stop saving everything for THAT special is special" What could be more special than good friends visiting.
Whipped up a batch of pikelets to have with delicious Aussie strawberry jam and cream.
I worked on my Gardener's Journal block......well 4 stitches is work isn't it?

So enjoyed catching up with the girls....too busy talking to snap their piccies.
On a completely different you know, like many of you I love our natural world and I feel sick when I think of what our ridiculous addiction to plastic bags etc. is doing to our planets oceans. I use reusable shopping bags for the weekly shop but it annoyed me trying to find a solution for loose fruit and vegies instead of those plastic one time use things.....well very happy camper now!
I bought them online from
I bought the 8 pack, they come with a cute little bag to keep them in your bag, nice and handy for use.
The bags themselves are light enough not to effect the weight of your purchase and they are sheer enough for scanning at the checkout!
If the cost is prohibitive another great idea was told to me by my friend and fellow Aussie designer Vicki Knight......Vicki buys net curtaining at charity shops, chops them up and makes her vegie and fruit bags from that idea.
Reusuing! Recycling! Fantastic! What do you do? Love to know.
If we all as individuals do what we can, when we is no small thing folks.
Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I agree with you saying each of us should do our own small thing to help the planet Michelle. I am in the process of making wax wraps to save on all the cling wrap I use. I think your table set for tea is just the prettiest thing ever.

  2. Hi Michelle - completely agree re your comments, but I just had to add a comment re the precious things. Years ago when my children had their 21sts, all catered by me, I used crystal bowls for salads and desserts, (which looked fabulous in the lights), and a friend told me to put them away and use plastic - so they wouldn't get broken. No. 1 - I don't own that much plastic, and No. 2 - whilst I would be saddened if things did get broken, I believe in using and not storing the good stuff.

  3. I agree Michelle. I really hate the amount of packaging that comes on things. I'm going to look into the bags you bought or Vicki's suggestion. Hugs, xx

  4. Love the table set up. All looks rather yummy. Must try and do away with the plastic...your idea looks great

  5. Your table set for your friends looks beautiful Michelle. Good idea with the bags, I likemthe jdea of repurposing the net curtains..will look into that. I do get the occassional plastic bag which is then saved for cleaning up after the dog in the back yard. Sometimes ai just bring the veges home without the little plastic bags.

  6. Hi my lovely friend ,your table looks so pretty ,love those orchids,such a pretty colour,what a lovely setting for your friends.
    You reminded me that i have those net bags too,i must put them in the car,i keep forgetting.
    Glad you got to work on your Gardener journal block,hope your day is a good one Michelle xx

  7. nice time with the girls.........always great to get the pretties out.......
    I hate how things are packaged so much now is beyond waste and stupid.........the shops need to stop this.....especially the crazy excess packaging in the fruit and vegie section......

  8. Wow! I am definitely going to check out those bags. I sometimes just put them in loose without the bags but it really doesn't work well. Thanks for sharing the details. LOve your beautiful table for the girls.

  9. Those bags are a good idea, and something I have often thought about making! You do set a beautiful table, Michelle.

  10. Nothing more special than a stitching day with friends to use the pretty DD bought a Wedgewood "Sarah's Garden" dinner set and her hubby said she was to use them everyday, which she has.
    The veggie bags look like a best idea...

  11. What a great idea your resusable produce bags are - I must look out for some. We all need to do our bit. xx

  12. Your table setting loooks beautiful, makes for a perfect get together. Great idea with the veggie bags will look out for them.

  13. lovely tea partyat your place .... and the orchids are special. I've got a GJ block on the go too. Have you been watching War on Waste? its making me more aware of the bags too... I like the idea of using up old net curtains. Reading up it looks like you can keep your fruit and veges in those ones in the fridge too...

  14. Looks like you had a lovely day with friends. I think your friend's thoughts about using special items is very sensible.
    Love the idea of the fruit and veg bags, too. Very smart!

  15. Your orchids are gorgeous Michelle - you must tell us your secret for orchid success. Your sewing day looks very special, and totally agree, time to use the pretty china. Those bags do look a good idea, and I know I should make more of an effort on this front.

  16. Every day is a special day with friends and should be treated as such. What is that famous special day we wait for. It never happens. So enjoy your treasures at times that matter.... Those bags are a great idea

  17. Got my book for the SAL, thanks...I agree about using what you have, why save for other people...I love to use it when I have a group rather than paper or plastic...long ago I bought 24 plates to match my punch bowl and those are the ones I use for get togethers.....trying to use cloth as often as I can but still need disposable for cat litter clean the idea of the produce bags and will see if I can find them.
    Mama Bear


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