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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Binding Time.

I spent yesterday getting the binding on my Robyn Pandolph Heart quilt. I also found the original pattern. Turns out it is called "Hearts Desire"....not sure if it is still available but there it is for those who asked me.
I was a bit concerned about what I could match up with regards to the binding as I had purchased the fabrics sooooo very long ago. I bought this pretty blue for another project but changed my mind....I think it works. Looks much better than the photo.
As this was the best option I had, slicing, dicing and sewing it on took place.
It took a while. I haven't bound a quilt this big for quite a while. I love seeing the little valleys the quilting makes. Aren't we blessed to be quilters.
Now some quiet hand work to stitch it in place. I really look forward to this part of the quiltmaking journey. With each little stitch observing and reflecting on your work.
Hopefully not too long away from a finished UFO of long standing and then it is back to Grandmother's Flower Garden quilting. I really want this one done this winter!
Managed to fit in some reading as well.....I enjoy Aussie author  Di Morrisey and this one is turning out to be a good yarn.
Well must away as I have a "Rainbow Birthday" party to attend for our littliest Rainbow scarf is already.
I forsee "Rainbow" cake in my future...yum!
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Yay for a finish. Enjoy your raibow cake. Hugs, xx

  2. Congrats on another finish. It is great to start cleaning out ufo's . lovely quilt

  3. Love that blue...... I hate attaching binding but love stitching it down to finish.......
    I like di Morriseys books too.....not read that one or should I say listened......i've only read one but listened to several audio books thru borrow box of Di's........ .

  4. that blue looks perfect.... great when you find a fabric that fits just right. The quilt is big - don't always get an idea of size in photo's but I could see on the pattern.. Happy binding and have a lovely rainbow birthday.... Hugz

  5. That blue looks like a wonderful match. I enjoy the hand sewing part of the binding, so relaxing. Enjoy the rainbow party.

  6. That blue looks perfect to me! Enjoy your rainbow party. xx

  7. A great choice for binding! Sometimes running out of fabric is good because it makes us think a little differently, instead of having everything matchy-matchy.

  8. Enjoy your colourful day

  9. I think that colour is perfect for the binding. Looking good.

  10. Nice to be sewing binding on another UFO.
    Bet you had a lovely time at the Rainbow 🌈 party 🎉

  11. I also love it when you get to the means the finish is close. I must admit though I seem to be so slow at takes my ages. You are doing so well with your UFO's.
    Hope you had a great rainbow party. Saw some photos looks like great fun was had by all. Beautiful weather we are this time of year. Xx


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