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Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Visitor and FNSI

Well nothing chases away the "end of holidays" blues quite like a special visitor. Thursday my lovely friend Raewyn from NZ flew in to town and came by for a cuppa and a chat. So nice to spend time with delightful lady.
Time just flew and it seemed she had only just arrived and I was waving her off. Such a special treat.
Yesterday was Mr. R's birthday.

I took him out for coffee and cake and cooked his favourite dinner....he is so easily pleased.....rissoles with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and vegies. He loved it!
He always blows out his candles with our youngest Granddaughter who has a birthday in a few days time.
So after the dishes were done....having given the birthday boy the night off I settled down with my other Friday night stitchers over at WENDY'S at Sugarlane Quilts
I was so nearly finished this little Gardener's Journal block that I did the last little bit of stitching on it.

That done I just felt like curling up with some hand quilting. So I worked on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.
This ticked my "keeping ufos out of the cupboard " promise I am trying hard to keep.
Sorry about the crinkly photo. I am over halfway there, quilting it very simply around each flower and centre. As it was the first ever hexie anything I had done and all the background are individual hexies it is a little difficult to hand quilt. But I am determined that it shall be done.
So that's me done for FNSI. Thank you Wendy xx
A little bit of excitement for me. My very kind and supportive friends, Fiona, Raewyn and Chookyblue are organising a Stitch-a-long to stitch my Holly Cottage Christmas quilt from my book.
I am so excited to see what fabric choices everyone makes and to have other Holly Cottage Christmas quilts in the world. You can read about it HERE or even join in!

Thanks lovely are the best!

Have a  lovely weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Sounds like a busy, happy and productive Friday 😊
    I have some fabrics ready for the stitch-a-long which I shall share soon.

  2. Some lovely stitching done as always Michelle - I always love the projects you are working on. Lucky you getting a visit from Raewyn. Have a super weekend Michelle xx

  3. Lovely for you to see Raewyn...good progress on your GJ block and the hexies - its so pretty.

  4. You've had a lovely day with a special visitor, celebrating hubby BD and stitching along with us for FNSI..
    nice projects you worked on Michelle.
    I'm looking forward to joining the ladies for "Holly Cottage Christmas"

  5. Happy birthday wishes to Mr R! Lovely to catch up with friends.....and how wonderful to inspire a stitch-a-long.

  6. A lovely GJ block.... they are so sweet and it's fun to sew with you. Your book and quilt is so lovely - perfect for a stitchalong and I'm looking forward to every stitch. Wonderful birthday for Mr R.... I think his favourite meal is great. flower garden quilt is coming along well....

  7. One day I'll make your Christmas quilt..., just need to find the time..
    How lovely to have your friend visit, and Happy Birthday to G. The flower garden quilt is so pretty, well worth the effort of finishing it and sending it into the world! x

  8. Hi Michelle just got back from Geelong,how lovely to have Raewyn visit.
    Happy birthday to the Mr,and how lovely you cooked him his favourite meal.
    Oh this Stitch a long with be so much fun,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  9. Time did fly by with us chatting away didn't it - I had a lovely time thank you- I'm pleased to hear Mr R had a spoiling sort of birthday :-) And good on you getting more stitching and your beautiful quilting done!

  10. Love all your projects very envious of how quickly you work and how perfect they all look. Catch up soon. 😍😘

  11. Lots happening.Lovely to catch up with Raewyn. Happy Birthday to your hubby.
    Lovely to see you fitting in some stitching time, too.

  12. Lucky you to catch up with Raewyn!Glad you had a good day and the birthday boy too :) So looking forward to the stitchalong! xx

  13. Very interesting for me to see how you are quilting your hexie quilt as I will be at that stage soon with mine. What about it makes it difficult?

  14. How wonderful to have a catch up with Raewyn, and good you spoiled the birthday boy!! Love your stitchery and your quilting looks wonderful.

  15. How lovely to get together with Raewyn. Your quilting looks fantastic - not easy with those seams in the way. xx

  16. Hello you two lovely ladies. Sounds like a lovely moment in time. Lovely catch up.x

  17. How wonderful to get have time with friends that live far and beyond. Happy belated birthday to your dear husband. I love your quilts both the flower garden and the Xmas one. Take care, Guida.

  18. glad you had a nice time together.........I had ready this post and was wondering if Lucy had made it out of the box........


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