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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tree Trimming

This year I have decorated for the season quite sparsely for yours truly.....
Frankly I was a bit low in energy and I was not going to go down the "should" highway.
Lots of my favourite pieces are easy to access and putting them out has filled me with Heartwood Creek....all treasures because they were gifts.
My sweet Christmas Cherished Teddies always make me smile.
The tree is trimmed and it is laden with memories...
Decorations.....some old...
Some new!
So pretty and twinkly.
A favourite quilt is hung of course....
Christmas decorating just has to include my very old Nativity scene....the reason why we celebate! I have always loved it.
Friends come to mind bloggy Christmas tree.

I hope you are enjoying taking time with your Christmas decorating too.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your place is looking great with all your Christmas treasures!

  2. Looks fabulous! I have all my goodies out too, I must remember to share photo's on my next blog post!

  3. You have so many lovely pieces to share.
    It's all so nice Merry Christmas.

  4. Time to start decoration here. Lots of memories attached to most ornaments now, after so many years.

  5. Hi Michelle ,wow i love your xmas treasures,love your Heartwood creek figurines,love both your trees,love your xmas wall hanging,oh i just love it all my friend,thankyou for sharing the xmas spirit xx

  6. I love all your lovely Christmas treasures, I used to collect Cherished Teddies too, they are so sweet. Your place looks amazing. Guida

  7. Awww your home all it..xx
    Enjoy the season..xx

  8. Michelle, you have decorated much more than we have here! We're going with the "Bah - humbug" look this year because we will be away for Christmas.

  9. I love your decorations !! I still have to finish that quilt (oh boy).
    In our christmas tree I always hang the little star with cupcake stitchery that you once sent me, I love it !

  10. Looking good, Michelle - even though it was a 'should task' I'm sure it will give you much pleasure to look at your Christmassy thngs - you will be pleased you did it!

  11. Even tho you write that you have decorated sparsely Michelle - it sure looks wonderful to me!! I love all your trees ... just adding the last few bits to mine. Happy Weekend Michelle x x

  12. Your Christmas decorations look delightful. i always enjoying bringing them out each year as it seems like a new discovery each time.

  13. Looking fabulous. Love the heartwood creek ornaments. Hugs,xx

  14. Wow! You have certainly done a wonderful job making your home Christmasy!! I am thinking of not putting things out this year as I am too tired and can't face having to put it all away again. I may change my mind. LOve your new header.

  15. It all looks so lovely ..... it is special bringing out all the memories.

  16. It will look amazing even if you didn't decorate as much as usual. Hope you had room for your snowy corner


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