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Friday, December 16, 2016

Making Progress

I have been working away slowly on my large pile of outstanding Splendid Sampler blocks.  The choice has been random....
2 Applique blocks...
Enjoyed these so much! I realised why the pieced ones are so tiring....I usually have to do them more than once lol! Several more....
I am now leisurely stitching Block 75 which is all stitchery.
A little update on my current art piece.....finally getting to work on the lovely lady Major Mitchell Cockatoo.
Still lots to do....little tweaks here and there!
Do you love Scottish shortbread? My son and I do and quite a lot disappears at this time of year....couldn't resist this Scottie dog tin....with shortbread! Win! Win! I think it will be perfect after to hold some EPP sewing.
Hmmm! May be time for a cuppa...oh and a piece of shortbread.
Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your SS blocks are beautiful Michelle but I especially love your art work - it's looking GREAT!! It's nice to have a good excuse to buy another tin isn't it?

  2. Beautiful SS blocks. Love your artwork. Cute Scottie dog tin. Hugs, xx

  3. mmmmmm shortbread! Yum! And a cute tin. Good progress on your sampler blocks and the art work is as always looks fabulous.

  4. Hi Michelle ,love all your SS blocks,they are so pretty,well done and boy your cockatoo one is amazing.
    Michelle i love the tin and i love a good shortbread as well,what a great tin to have for your new found love of Clam shells,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  5. You have done so well keeping up with the SS blocks and they look wonderful. That tin is a winner!

  6. Wow your drawing is looking fantastic.. good work on the SS...

  7. The SS blocks are looking great..
    Your drawing is beautiful and I also LOVE shortbread....enjoy!

  8. Lady Mitchell is a gorgeous girl! We are the exact opposite, I would far rather piece than applique any day. Your applique work is exquisite, Michelle!

  9. Your blocks are stunning and I would happily help you eat the shortbread, not sure I would let you keep the tin, too cute for words. Your painting is looking wonderful. Guida

  10. Very impressed with the quantity of SS blocks you have done. And your artwork is looking great. I enjoy seeing the different stages.
    Enjoy your shortbread.

  11. Lovely blocks Michelle and your drawing is coming along a treat! xx

  12. Wow love your artwork it is really looking great.
    Also love your'll have to keep an eye on it at sewing..hehe...xx

  13. What a lovely visit... sewing & shortbread. Great combination...
    Merry Christmas Michelle xox

  14. Great SS blocks Michelle. Ooh love that tin (and shortbread). Perfect sewing tin

  15. Your Major Mitchell is so, so beautiful Michelle. You really are a talent. And I too have been admiring that tin with two Scotties - trying to resist it, in fact :)
    PS Went to the art show, bought some of your lovely cards and a pattern. Win Win xx

  16. great progress with the blocks... no surprises that you enjoy the applique most of all! haha...

  17. The Major Mitchell is looking great as are your SS blocks


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