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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quick Post

Good morning lovely people. Just a quick post this morning because its "Stitching Day" with my sewing bag is packed and ready.
Pincushion block in Splendid Sampler is done.
I will be working on the lovely Gail Pan block today.
The postman bought me these cute little hexies because I enjoyed them in SS.
I fancied making a little mini perhaps.
Since going to an art teacher who is a renowned Wildlife artist and being surrounded by like minded people, my love of little birds as increased tenfold.
This is my latest effort....Scarlet Honeyeater. I just loved the red. Black and bright coloured birds are a little challenging in coloured pencil as you have to lay down the undercolours correctly so they don't look flat! Anyway I thought this teeny pretty chap was so very pretty in amongst those blossoms.
Ok must fly or else I shall be going in my pj's.
Little thought......"learn to love yourself because you spend a lot of time together"
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Good morning my lovely friend,i love your new SS block and wow those hexies sure are tinie.Michelle your little Scarlet Honeyeater is so cute,you sure are one talented lady ,lol,that would be funny you going in your PJ's Michelle ,hope you have a lovely day with your friends xx

  2. Enjoy your day. Love the colours and fabrics you use... That is a cute SS block...

  3. Oh sooo pretty, your paintings are always enjoyable. Guess what I started quilting today?? :-)

  4. Enjoy your stitchy day with friends, but do get dressed before you go out! Love your little red birdie.

  5. I love your block - I managed to do mine too. Your bird is just beautiful - well done.... Looking forward to seeing what you make with those insane little hexie pieces!

  6. Love your Scarlet Honeyeater, Michelle........what glorious vivid colours on a dull rainy day!

  7. Pretty pincushion block and have fun with those hexies but your scarlet honeyeater is stunning! xx

  8. Love your pin cushion block. Looking forward to seeing what you make with those hexies no pressure LOL. Looooooove your bird!

  9. Hi Michelle, I love the block and your little bird is just awesome, Guida.

  10. I hope you enjoyed your day out Michelle... such a sweet little bird, well done!

  11. I really like that pin cushion block. It's a sweetie.
    I hope you had a great stitching day.
    And your honeyeater is delightful.

  12. Such a gorgeous pincushion block and look forward to seeing your Gail Pan block. It was another lovely block. Do love your beautiful bird - so very lifelike Michelle. You are a devil for punishment with those small hexies

  13. Wow, the Scarlet Honeyeater is beautiful...
    Lovely SS tomato pincushion...
    Have fun with the little hexies...

  14. Hello Michelle

    I likes your Splendid Sampler Block, so lovely colour
    And your stitched is lovely too
    Kind regards Marika

  15. The Scarlet Honeyeater is gorgeous. The SS block looks lovely. Hugs,xx

  16. Hope you have a wonderful day out stitching with the girls, your SS block is very cute and the honey eater is just beautiful.

  17. Your pincushion block is sweet. I hope you enjoyed your day with stitching friends . Your scarlet honeyeater is gorgeous, such a pretty bird .

  18. Hope you had a fun stitching day with your friends. Your SS block is gorgeous and I LOVE your Scarlet Honeyeater!

  19. Oh, my! That bird looks almost real! My address is......:)!

  20. Your birds are beautiful. Ss blocks look amazing

  21. Have a good day with your friends.

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  23. Loving your SS blocks and your gorgeous bird!


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