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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I seem to have been very busy of late attending to chores very sewing unrelated.
We have long wanted several nuisance Cocos palms removed from our back fence area as they are extremely messy, huge and not healthy for wild!
Down they came!
You know I am a huge fan of people who do their job well, with honesty and integrity!  These chaps knew their stuff.
These trees were huge and there is very little room between the back fence and our pool....nothing suffered in anyway! Thanks Murray!
My other job has been decluttering what I had carried halfway around Australia in our old van and repacking our new one....more efficiently I hope!
Took me awhile with more sore knee. Talk about Hop a long Cassidy!
Sewing wise I have been doing a bit on Blessings, so I won't bore you with that.
Thanks so much everyone for your advice and input re gluing hexies.
I have bitten the bullet and glued and stitched the second medallion in Brinton Hall.
All has stalled until more 1 inch hexies arrive. Watching impatiently for the postie!
A very chilly breeze has come upon us so I am off to get the fire alight and cook up some warming pasta for dinner.
Something to ponder. Stay cosy all.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Good advice Michelle. I did most of those things today, and the rain bit yesterday :)
    What a beautiful kitchen in your van, and so enticing to stock it up. I might have to get the name of the tree loppers from you - we have a few removals needed here too! xx

  2. Loved the verse Michelle ... so very true indeed. Your new kitchen in the van looks great ... hope the sore knee mends real quick for you.

  3. Hi Michelle good to get the trees seen too.
    I hope your knee is better soon and that you are keeping warm.....

  4. Wow those palms were so big Michelle. You can plant something more bird friendly now. All set to go in that van by the sounds

  5. So glad you are happy with the new set up van. Sorry to hear about your knees. The cold wouldn't be helping...

  6. Yes, it's quite chilly here's snowing just an hour away, again! Palm trees are popular here too, goodness knows why, we're not in the tropics. We had ours removed shortly after moving here, fortunately there was only one - a house not far away has 18.

  7. A new van, yippee, we are getting one on the 17 of the month. Maybe we will meet up somewhere in our travels.
    Kathleen Mary

  8. How soon until you take a big adventure in your new van? It looks quite luxurious.

  9. New adventures. Head South after winter. Too cold down here.

    Lovely hexagons.

  10. Good to get those trees down and wonderful to have them done safely and well. Lovely kitchen in your you are looking forward to trying it out!! But remember to take care of the knee!! Beautiful hexies.

  11. Nice to get those trees down safely....
    It's amazing how much STUFF we put in our van and don't need. Great to get rid of some.. Beautiful new kitchen in your van. Take care of your knees.
    Pretty Blessings blocks...

  12. Boy you make me exhausted just reafing what you've been doing. I bet your new caravan is fantastic and you're anxious to get away in it.
    Sewing is looking great.😄
    Love your saying too.

  13. will be so different without the palms... something about watching men do jobs like that isn't there??????
    Happy stitching...

  14. Always great to have a big clean up with trees, hope your knee is getting better love your hexies can't choose which I prefer love them both :)

  15. Those trees were rather large. Glad everything weng well. Your kitchen in the van is quite a good size. Loving those hexies. Have you tried making your own until the new ones arrive?

  16. It will be amazing the difference those trees gone will make - they look like they were huge. How exciting to be playing around in your new camper - hope that knee comes right soon though. Hope you enjoyed the glue basting - I wouldn't be without it at my end I'm sure... those Brinton blocks are beautiful!! Hehe love the wise words at the end!!

  17. I am always amazed at how well the tree tree trimmers can do their job. Very skilled.
    Setting up the new van is hard work but a job happily done. And a good chance to ditch unwanted items or replace with new.
    Lovely progress on the hexies.


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