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Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Had a Birthday

I have had a birthday and I share my birthday month with a favourite lady...
Beatrix Potter....its her 150th!
I love her artwork and beautiful tales...I have a few little treasures in a collection.
So happy birthday Beatrix xx I am not quite a 150 yet lol! Although my gift from Mr. R. is definitely many birthdays worth.....heart still palpitating!
This has been my dream (as in your dreams) machine. I never thought I would ever have one. I need to learn how to drive it now. Lessons are coming up plus I have several Bernina owning clever friends.
So terribly spoilt here. My art fund has been topped up by family...thank you!
All I wanted was a lazy day which I got and enjoyed so much....
I received some lovely mail which included my Birthday Club girls...I will do a separate post about that.
My dear friend Shez sent me this pretty parcel and I had to look at it for ages!!!

Inside a gorgeous hand stitched lavender Hankie sachet....with a pretty hankie. I love pretty hankies and have some beautiful ones but never had anywhere to put them. Divine smelling lavender bath crystals and yummo peanut brittle which is now reduced in size considerably! I just love the Mum Ellie and baby card too.
Thank you so much Shez for spoiling me so xxx
My lovely friend Lorel also knows the way to my heart.....a beautiful piece of vintage china...complete with pretty bluebird, gorgeous French General fabric and a sweet beautifully stitched little bird which is a very sentimental piece.

Thank you Lorel xx
No sewing to speak of accept more little stitches on Blessings.
Have an enjoyable day everyone xx
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday Michelle,that hubby of yours is a keeper,enjoy your gifts you are very special

  2. Glad you had a lovely day & the sewing machine is just wonderful. Hugs, xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely celebration. You should let Fiona know that you had a birthday. I think she missed it on FB! LOL!

  4. Dear Michelle, You have had a big week. Happy Birthday, and you deserve that fantastic machine - what a brilliant gift! Love love love your bluebird vintage plate - gorgeous. xx

  5. Happy birthday. Lovely gifts, especially that gorgeous new machine.

  6. Happy Birthday!! I know that new machine will bring you lots of joy!
    Best wishes.

  7. Happy, happy Birthday wishes Michelle, hope you had a wonderful day. Your birthday treats are just gorgeous ... I am sure that machine will get alot of use.

  8. A Very Happy Belated Birthday Michelle... Pleased to see you were spoilt ..
    What a WONDERFUL gift from your darling Hubby.....

  9. Happy birthday wishes, Michelle! Wow, a new machine - how lucky are you. I have a Bernina (although mine is several years old now) and love it.

  10. Happy birthday Michelle xx I love your vintage plate, and would you believe... I have one exactly the same!! Enjoy learning to use your new machine.

  11. What a wonderful present from your hubby!! What a good man!!! Enjoy your lessons. Lovely presents from your friends too.

  12. Happy Birthday my Love

    I am happy for you, you have so a nice day and presents

    I wish you a lovely new week

    Kind regards Marika

  13. wonderful... you deserve to be spoilt...

  14. Happy Birthday Michelle. Enjoy the book it's a good one.

  15. Happy Belated birthday, sorry havent spent time on the PC for awhile. Love your presents, its lovely to be spoilt and no doubt you deserve them. Guida

  16. Wishing you a very Happy belated Birthday wishes. Lots of lovely gifts and your new machine is just gorgeous.

  17. Omg your going to be busy now learning how to drive this baby.... Lucky girl enjoy......


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