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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This and That and Pattern Release.

It's drizzling and drearie here today and I for one am enjoying listening to the raindrops on the roof and feeling cool.
I am still managing to keep up with the Splendid Sampler quilt blocks...
Here is the latest Block 7 designed by Amy Sinibaldi called "snug as a bug"
Please excuse the tiny piece of lint that has landed between bunny's ears. I am using my French General stash and scrappies for these blocks but I wanted to ensure a bit of a different colourway and so added a touch of that gorgeous blue. My aim for this little stitchery block was to follow that theme. I have added little French knots to the flower centres on the rug, blue running stitch on the rug and around the block and a blue bunny....oh and rosy pink socks. I think it will fit in well with the others.
There is so much secret sewing going on around here at the moment and in all manner of containers...
I am making progress on a sample for my local quilt shop Quirky Quilts Qld in a softer, prettier colourway.....
Hopefully I will get it finished today.
In Art class I have been working on a "heart" project which I will share at a later date and learning how to add colour to your Scratchboard work....
My first "furry" Scratchboard with colour....a Cheetah cub.
Its a fascinating medium...this little chap is only 6"x 6" so quite a lot of detail in a small area. I'm now working on a 3rd and loving it. However my coloured pencils are still my first love.

"PLEASE COME TO TEA" stitchery designs is now available for $14.00 AUD + postage and handling if you are outside Australia. You can order by emailing me at Paypal payment is preferred.
A sample of the designs....
Our DD had a birthday yesterday......and celebrated with "extreme CAKE!"
A girl after my own heart. Many Happies Liss xxx
My sewing machine awaits so I  must not dally!
I wish you a day of simple pleasures,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely projects happening at your house. Love your Cheetah cub drawing, just beautiful. Hugs, xx

  2. I am always in awe of your talents

  3. I saw that stitchery block on Amys blog Michelle - I love the fabrics & colours you have used in yours. Just beautiful Also love your cheetah cub.

  4. Well done on keeping up. Love snug as a bug. Your cheetah is amazing. Happy birthday to your DD

  5. Michelle everything today is just gorgeous, from your sample to your new pattern and the cheetah but the best picture is the kids behind that cake so wonderful.

  6. Lovely work in all you do. So envious.
    Catch up soon.

  7. Beautiful post! I loe the Cheetah cub but oh - all your work is gorgeous! And happy birthday to your DD too - the extreme cake is awesome! [Looks like I'll have a purchase coming on in the future:-)]

  8. Hi Michelle, looks like autumn is here..hooray and good riddance summer. Love your projects and the drawing is just fabulous. Wishing your daughter many happy returns. Guida

  9. Love your new designs, Michelle. They are very sweet. Happy birthday to your daughter too.

  10. Congrats on another pattern release. It looks lovely, very tempting. Looove your cheetah cub, so cute and very very clever.Your SS blocks are wonderful. One wonders how you achieve so much. Well done girl!

  11. We are hoping for rain too! Congrats on your new stitchery booklet!!!
    Just love your beautiful artwork, Im in awe x

  12. Good morning Michelle. I too have woken up to rain although as I am visiting my parents just north of London it is cold and blogs too so nit such a pleasure! I love the way you have worked your snug as a bug block - it will fit perfectly with the others. xx

  13. Love your little cheetah! Could you please send us some rain if you have any spare? We've had none since January.

  14. Lots of beautiful work happening at your house Michelle. ..drizzly weather is perfect for sewing and a relief from the constant hot. Your cheeta is beautiful!! Very clever. Love the extreme birthday cake..everyone in that photo looks very happy!!

  15. Always lots happening in your part of the world. Congratulations on the new pattern release.

  16. Your SS blocks are looking wonderful.... and congrats on that lovely new pattern. Your cheetah cub is so sweet ...and I'd like some of that rain please...

  17. My goodness such gorgeous sewing going on at your place at the moment Michelle. will be lovely when you can show all. And your cub is just amazing - so gorgeous

  18. Lots happening at your place Michelle. Even the packaging from L'ucello's is gorgeous. Your cheetah cub looks amazing. xx

  19. So much lovely stitching. Great choices of fabric and threads for the splendid blocks. Thanks for explaining how small the cheetah block is. It really does make a difference to understanding the detail.
    Congrats on the new pattern and happy birthday wishes for your daughter!


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