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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

All Caught Up

I am now up to date with my Splendid Sampler blocks, finishing 12 and 13 yesterday.
Block 12 by Pat Sloan
Block 13 is a lovely block by designer Corey Yoder. Although I have to admit that there was a bit of reverse stitching on this one. My ability fell short of the! I am really chuffed that I got there in the end..
My secret sewing has come to a halt whilst I audition border fabrics and plot the next bit of the journey...
While I am pondering I have been putting in some stitches in Blessings.

and trying to find a way to squeeze some sweet little bears into my stitching time...
These are soooo cute! You are going to love them. ...if I can find time to stitch them that is lol!
Someone remarked to me that I get quite a lot of stitching done! My probably can't write your name and all your ancestors in the dust on your furniture like I can lol! Not quite that bad but almost!
At least "bored" is not a word or state of being I am friends with.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Beautiful work Michelle xx

    1. strange Michelle my comment was sent back to me xx

  2. your blocks look lovely, the second one does look very challenging! give me some stitcheries and applique any day.
    You're not alone in the dust dept, quick clean up then its crafting time!

  3. Well done on your gorgeous sampler blocks. Oooh love those little bears - you just find some more hours in the day to stitch them lol.

  4. I'll bet your housekeeping is as good as your stitching...but it is a time user!!! Lovely progress on all your projects

  5. Dear Michelle,
    lovely work, so much going on in your sewing room and it is all just gorgeous.
    You know, I was thinking if I switch the dark furniture into light wood furniture, the dust won't be so obvious...

  6. Good to see you have done block 13.
    I still have to do mine but I do love your fabrics

  7. Beautiful progress Michelle x

  8. Beautiful blocks Michelle, love the look of the new teddies coming along there.

  9. Lovely blocks Michelle. The teddies look very cute. Hugs,xx

  10. Wow! You really are a wiz with the SS blocks and they look great. I am waaaay behind lol. Oooooo, you are tempting me with more bears I see. Don't hurry, I have far too many projects to do before I 'need' to accumulate more teddy patterns.

  11. Your blocks are looking lovely and those sweet bears are very appealing too. I love your reply re dusting, I will have to use it, hope you don't mind? Guida

  12. your blocks look great - good to be caught up cos the next one is about to be here!! haha.... the teddies look just gorgeooousss... sttooop I have other projects to do!!!

  13. Oh you are so clever. Love your work. Have Jack this week so very little of anything done. Hehe.😄
    Have a great day xx

  14. I've loved watching your progress with the Splendid Sampler blocks...they all look wonderful!

  15. I think you have your priorities right. The dust will always come back after cleaning so it can wait a few more days!


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