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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Show and Tell

Thank goodness for clever friends. Last night was my stitching group night. As I haven't had much in the way of stitching to show you they had some lovely show and tell they have allowed me to share.
Our always generous and beautiful hostess Diane has made this wonderful HUGE bag to take on is so happy and bright and I just love the ceramic button.
Sue has crocheted this lovely tote (which we all coveted greatly I might add)
Love it!
Monica has been doing what can only be described as "Extreme Ufoing!"
Look at this gorgeous sewing caddy from Faeries in My Garden.....front
Close up...
Then there was a very elegant travel pack...
A beautiful satchel for your Ipad..
This fabric was so beautiful, my photo doesn't do it justice.
Look at this gorgeous coat hanger!
Close ups.....Monica's embroidery is exquisite!
Now doesn't that make you feel all inspired. I love spending time with these lovely friends, they are such good fun and so generous of spirit. I am very blessed. Thank you girls xx
I would like to wish you all a safe and very Happy Easter. Please take good care of you and yours.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. What a talented group! Yes, lots of inspiration. Happy Easter to you too!

  2. What a great collection of talented ladies and gorgeous craft. Have a Happy Easter.

  3. Your post makes me want to run upstairs and stroke some
    HaPPy EasTeR to you & the family Michelle.
    Stay safe...xox

  4. Great show and tell from your crafty friends!
    Pretty Easter decorations, mine have been out for a few weeks. Lots of bunnies involved lol

  5. Oh my! Inspiration is just one of many words that come to mind. So many fabulous projects.Enjoy the Easter break.

  6. What a great night...lots of lovely many UfO's to go.
    Have the best Easter with the family. Lots of chocolate in store for me on Sunday . yippee 😄 💜 Take care.

  7. What a great collection and a busy group of ladies. Happy Easter Michelle. xx

  8. Such nice show and tell. Lovely to see different projects we haven't made ourselves.

  9. I such a talented group. Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Easter.

  10. Oh my goodness, such talented friends you have. Just beautiful. Happy Easter to you also Michelle

  11. so many beautiful things Michelle, what a neat group.

  12. Lol I was just chuckling at Chezs comment,it does inspire you looking at all these beautiful projects,the house is amazing,a lot of work would've gone into this well done ladies.
    Wishing you and your lovely family a safe and happy Easter Michelle Namaste my friend xx

  13. Amazing work done by your friends Michelle, always love show and tell...they are a very talented bunch. Wishing you and your family a very happy easter.

  14. Wishing you and your Family a safe HappyEaster Michelle.
    Best wishes also to your very talented friends.
    Hugs R.

  15. lovely to see everyone's amazing work

  16. What a wonderful collection of projects! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Lovely work ladies, lets hope the ladies continue to be happy to 'share' their clever projects, all inspiring...
    have a wonderful Easter Michelle, thanks, Lyn


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