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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Freebie and other Doings

Good Morning to you all. It is so nice to finally feel a lot better although the barking is annoying the dogs in the neighbourhood. LOL! Before I get to the fun stuff I just wanted to touch on the struggle our fellow Aussies, our folks on the land are having in this terrible drought. Even though I am a city slicker I love the country and was born in outback Queensland. I also have a family member who is a dedicated produce provider and works extremely hard at it. My heart just goes out to the struggle these families and communities are having at present. Our blogging friend Chookyblue has highlighted these issues on her blog and you can read more here Actually having this experience makes Chooky far more qualified to speak about it than myself.
Looking at these thought provoking photos from her blog

made me ponder what we in the city could do....apart from supporting out local food producers. I came across a group called "Buy a Bale"
You can read all about them here Maybe you can help out. I am going to put the banner on my side bar with their link....maybe you could too. Because without our farmers we go hungry folks.
Ok my post title promised you a freebie. I felt there are many people out there at the moment that need us to remember their 'heartsongs' for them at present and so Heartsong  For a Friend  is it.
Hope you like it. You can download it from my sketchpad on my sidebar. I know it is a little late for Valentine's Day stitching but getting ill and working out a new printer and scanner held me up a tad.
In the stitching cave not a lot has been happening but I have been working on a few little projects.
Another type of Dresden Plate...
I even remembered to cut the centre out for this one...just have to applique it in place.
I have also stitched these little bits and bobs...
Which are all part of The Secret Michelle Long Term Project!!! I am quite pleased with how things are going with this project but there is still a way to go yet. I am quite happy to take as long as it takes because I want it to be good work and express the love and creative joy that went into it.
That is all from me today. I hope wherever you are here in Aus that you are safe and out of harms way.
A little bit of love from Rosepetals from Heaven.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Wow such extremes in weather all around the world.
    Lovely wee stitchery you have gifted.
    Loving those Dresdens! I haven't picked mine up for months :-(

  2. Will check that out about the Bale....gorgeous your dresden and stitcheries Michelle

  3. Michelle, great to read you are on the mend & feeling much better. Many thanks for the stitchery.

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  5. Glad to read you are feeling better. Thanks for the stitchery. Love your dresden & your long term project. Hugs, xx

  6. Glad you are feeling better and am loving the secret sewing. The angels look like me sort of sewing!

  7. So glad you are feeling much better Michelle, I agree with you, our farmers and country folk need support, also our Victorian friends suffering from the horrific bush fires.
    Thank you for the sweet free stitchery.
    Love your work, it's goos to see you feel like stitching again.
    Hugs R.

  8. Sorry about the goos, I hate it when I can't touch type' and then don't read it back.L.O.L.

  9. Great to hear you ate up and about. Thanks for the freebie and also the sneaks from the secret sewing. Yes the photos from Chookyblue are so sad. We just need rain badly.

  10. another cute stitchery... glad to hear you are on the mend... don't want to be barking and scaring the neighbourhood hounds!!
    The bales is a good idea... wish that rain would come!

  11. So good to hear you are getting better! Your stitchery is lovely! So sad with what is happening in chookyblue land....will go and check the Bales.

  12. We all take our farmers for granted sometimes, but where would we be without them. They certainly need our support. Love your freebie and those secret Michelle projects are looking gorgeous

  13. The stitchery is lovely thank you ! It is so very sad what is happening to our farmers who desperately need the rain. Another lovely dresden :-)

  14. I wish I can give your country the water that our country have too much, our yard is most of the time filled with a lot of water. But we are lucky that it's not in the houses like the people in the UK. That's also terrible.
    I like your dresden plate en I adore your little angels and cookie. Thank you for your valentine gift, its lovely. Oh I almost forget, congratulations with your grandson.

  15. Thank you so much for this really beautiful freebie.

  16. Gorgeous freebie! Thank you! So sad about out farmers in drought...wish we could sent rain! Glad you are feeling better...we miss your bark...oops I mean smile!

  17. Hope you much better now Michelle,love all your projects,you have been busy.xx

  18. Glad you are feeling better Michelle. What you have been working on looks wonderful. Thank you for the freebie. Hugs......

  19. A heart/bird to stitch = Perfection!
    I will check out that bale, and the empty dam is heart-breaking. Such a difficult year, weather-wise. Those angels are beautiful, and I like the new dresdens too. xx

  20. Hello Michelle,

    Love the Dresdens, good luck with the stitching.

    Happy days.

  21. Your words are so true Michelle , where would we be without our farmers . My heart goes out to those trying to cope in such extreme conditions . Thanks for the freebie , so sweet and I love your dresdans a dn your stitcheries , just lovely ! Hugs Sheila

  22. Another lovely dresden! Thanks for the pattern Michelle.

  23. Lovely Michelle. Glad to hear you areon the recovery road.Catch up tonight.

  24. Lovely Michelle. Glad to hear you areon the recovery road.Catch up tonight.

  25. Lovely Michelle. Glad to hear you areon the recovery road.Catch up tonight.

  26. Farming communities definitely need our support right now.

    Good to hear you're up and stitching (beautiful stuff as usual!)


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