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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Mr R. and I treated ourselves as part of our Christmas gift to each other, tickets to see the 1960's mersey beat band "The Hollies" at QPAC concert hall last night.
We have been fans since our courting days and saw them in 1971 when they toured here. Of course they looked a little like this then...
and this was a very favourite album which was worn out and replaced by cassette and then finally CD (aren't we old) The line up last night had only 2 of the original members of the band but I have to say the put on a fantastic show. "He ain't heavy, he's my brother" and "Long Cool Woman (in a black dress)" bought the audience to their feet screaming for more (our kids would have been so embarrassed LOL)
Tony Hicks (original member) on lead guitar, banjo and guitar/sitar was amazing. Don't you just love witnessing a person's passion for what they do. Thanks so much for the treat...loved it!!!
We went in to the centre earlier to have a bite to eat and had a wander around Southbank Parklands next door. I just love these sculptural trellis that hold the bougainvilleas.
We were too late for the rainforest walk but we did get to walk over the little creek...
and watch the large wheel...
So our gift to each other was really fun and I think one of the best bits was watching as the years just fell away from the faces of people our age and older. The power of music! Amazing!
Now I am waffling again. No matter how I try to limit myself I always seem to end up writing a novel.
But I did want to share with you a couple of tools of my trade. At the moment I am tracing out quite a bit of work all together.
I am frequently asked what I use to trace out my designs on to the background fabric. After an absolute disaster many years ago with a wash out pen (I know there are many great ones out there now so please don't email me) but it put me off forever and so I use this pen...
 It is a Pigma Micron 01 permanent ink pen brown. I have found it is waterproof and doesn't fade and I can stitch over the lines even in 1 strand of thread successfully. You do have to be extremely careful as it does NOT wash out and when you are tracing. Stitches such as lazy daisy, feather stitch and bullion roses I just mark their position in pencil. So I am not advocating anyone take up my method but this is my tracing choice.
The other thing I get asked a lot is if I use a webbing on the back of my stitcheries and the answer is yes I do. I have tried a lot of the cheaper ones but I have always come back to Whisperweft as I find it beautifully soft and as a handquilter I can quilt through it very easily where the cheaper brands were too stiff.
I am a great believer in "whatever floats your boat and gets you to where you want to be" is right for you. We are all different but sometimes we pick up little things along the way that suit us.
Hope this has been helpful.
Ok! Back to my tracing!!! Oh and perhaps a cup of something nice...

Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous evening. Love the stitchery. Hugs, xx

  2. Glad you enjoyed the concert. I have just discovered Frixion pens and love them for tracing, but have used the micron too.Love the stitching

  3. What a great night out, Michelle. I was a Hollies fan too and was thrilled when Graham Nash later added his surname to David Crosby's, Steven Stills' and Neil Young's. What great voices and harmonies. Re transfer pens: the blue pens can be a pest; I generally use a micron pen but am now a fan of Frixion pens.

  4. yes i loved the hollies as well,what a wonderful time you both had,thankyou for sharing.xx

  5. I loved so many of those English bands that were around in the late 60s early 70s and the Hollies were a favourite. When DH and I go to The UK in March, I'm definitely travelling on the ferry across the Mersey...I heard that Gerry from the Oacemakers, takes his grandchildren on ferry rides you just never know! Lol

  6. how fun... hope you did a bit of jiving too!!!
    Yes I favour the micron pens (use the washout for quiting) although I do use the but my favourite backing is Parlan... as you say 'whatever floats your boat"...
    still planning to see you next week - are you better now?

  7. Wow how lucky are you Michelle - would have been fantastic. What a great xmas present

  8. Love the Hollies - I had no idea they were still around.
    Micron pens would be a bit dangerous for me...and like fIONA - I love parlan, but if you don't want the slightly puffy look - Weaveline is great...very fine but still hides the threads.

  9. What fun!! Glad you had such a terrific time!

  10. Whisperweft is good stuff !

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time taking a step back down memory lane Michelle.

  11. Lucky you sounds like you had a fantastic day !

  12. thanks again for sharing your lovely evening, and the info on your stitchery pens and backing

  13. What a perfect gift to each other...and a trip down memory lane thrown in for free! Great tips on tracing too...thanks!


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