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Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Patterns and 8 in a Row!!!

Well you know I am going to say it....Our Mighty Queensland Maroons State of Origin Team has bought home the series for the ****8th time in a row****....Congratulations to our boys xxxxxxxx
And what can I say but have to be really courageous to be a Queenslander! Our team showed great courage to hang on with only a 2 point lead.
What a nail biting game. I am sure I wore some of the polish off my floors pacing up and down.
Sorry to you "Non- Origin Fans" not really. WE WON!!!!!! YAY!!!!!
Ok now that I have bought you up to speed on those exciting developments I have a 2 new patterns to release just in time for Christmas in July.
The first is "Feed the Birds"  Wall Hanging may recognise him from my sneaky peeks..
The cost is $14.50AUS plus postage if you are outside Australia.
The 2nd pattern has a little story and I know how you love those.
I was having coffee earlier in the year with my lovely friend Noela. A lot of you will know Noela from her blog "Quilty Bits from the Blue Room. Anyway Noela suggested to me that she would love to see me create a Christmas Alphabet and so the seed was planted and home I went and got out pencil and paper and we now have...
"Alphabet Noel". All 26 letters are represented with various Christmas themes. It is in the same format as my Stitcher's Alphabet. There are no projects included just the stitchery designs waiting for you to create with them.. and the cost is $14.00 AUS plus postage for those overseas. I have named the pattern after Noela (well as close as I could get anyway) So a huge thank you to Noela for planting that little Christmas seed of inspiration. I have 2 other new designs to release that are non Christmas but I am saving them as I am going to have a little giveaway in a few stay tuned. So you see I have been a busy little bee of late and loved every moment of it but I am looking forward to my holiday. LOL.
If you wish to purchase either of these two patterns just email me for details.
That is it from me for today. I am off to do a few little chores and then some more quilting. I did quite a lot last night in between pacing to try and alleviate the "Finals" stress.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. thank goodness we did win... I couldn't have coped with the grumbles otherwise... great fun but that streaker was lucky he was nowhere near my sewing scissors... couold have lost the game for us!!! lovely new patterns.... Noela has the perfect name for your new christmas set...

  2. i feel some more chocolate is heading your way Michelle and love your two new designs,well done.xx

  3. congrats on your new patterns releases.... looking forward to the next round of show and tell

  4. Your Frosty is very cute Michelle and your alphabet is just gorgeous, I am already thinking up ways to use them.
    I did some pacing in the last 5 minutes too. So glad to hear that final siren. Congratulations Queensland on a great win. Hugs....

  5. Love the new designs Michelle. Hugs,xx.

  6. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone I said it.....YAY!

  7. That was a lovely thing to do... name a pattern after a friend! Love both stitcheries. I bet everyones head is just FULL of ideas to use them...
    Great work again Michelle... :)

  8. Your stitcheries are divine. You are so talented.

  9. Beautiful designs Michelle - really like the alphabet designs. Well done clever lady!!

  10. Love your new alphabet - I feel another purchase coming on :-) Love your Feed the Birds - I feel another purchase coming on :-)

  11. woohooooooo......8 straight!!!! yaaaaay...... a little birdie told me today a pack of timtams is due your way soon!!!! *wink* LOL
    Amazing what you find out when stitching with friends!!! hee the new designs....just so sweet!
    xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  12. Such a cute alphabet series - well done to Noela too for thinking of it...

  13. I thought of you as soon as I saw the Rugby result. I just knew you’d be completely thrilled !

    I love the idea of a Christmas alphabet (Well done on the inspiration part of the project Noella)I definitely need one of those...Sending you an email right now

  14. Both your new patterns look great. I think I may have to have the alphabet. Will contact you.
    Great win to Qld. And it was a great game!

  15. Great win for Qld Michelle. Love both your new patterns - could I please order both thanks Michelle

  16. Gorgeous releases, I have been yearning for a Christmas alphabet for stitching, yay


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