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Monday, July 1, 2013

Green Thumbs

The weather here this morning and over the weekend was a little miserable but the green folk I went to see yesterday didn't mind the raindrops a bit....talking about garden beds full  of beautiful vegies and produce. My lovely friends Robyn and Diane and I donned our brollies and went to the 1st Birthday party of the Rochedale Community Garden. From left Robyn, Diane and myself.
We met the lovely Wendy one of the enthusiastic driving forces behind the garden. Wendy is in the pink.
Now a Birthday party definitely needs a cake and that's just what we had....a gorgeous sunflower cake. Sorry I didn't catch the name of the clever lady who made it.
We really enjoyed wandering amongst the rows of beautiful garden beds. Some of which had handmade mosaic tiles celebrating particular sponsors of individual beds.
I didn't know strawberry plants came with pretty pink flowers (I know probably well known but not by me)
I have only seen the white ones. I did recognise the companion planting with the marigolds though. I loved this gorgeous ceramic chap keeping vegie stealers at bay...There were really cool scarecrows too but I forgot to go back between showers and take a piccie.
There were lovely herb beds, chickens, a plant stall, craft stall and one that caught my attention a home baked stall.
These lovely ladies saw me happily off with some Melting Moments bikkies, Marmalade and Banana Cake for Mr R. (his fav)...and lots of helpful people full to the brim with all sorts of knowledge about organic gardening. There is nothing nicer than meeting passionate people and even nicer that they live in my area.
We enjoyed a lovely coffee and more home baked treats while listening to the Jazz ensemble playing in the nearby tent. The three of us had a good old chat about important things like "stitching" of course.
A very nice lady even gave me invaluable advice on how to set up my worm farm which I have wanted to do for quite a while. The garden and the celebration was a credit to all those involved and the showers didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm. Well done to you all. Thanks was so lovely to meet you. If you want to know more about the Community garden just click on their name at the beginning of my post. Thanks Robyn and Diane for your company, it was such good fun. Can't beat time spent with lovely friends.
On the sewing front......2 finished Dresden Plates!
I am loving stitching fact I think I am becoming a little obsessed and want to stitch them to the exclusion of all else.
Well that's all from me. I hope there is a little "sunshine" in your day today.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. How fun at the garden Michelle, that cake is so fun isn't it... and so much to see....
    Love your Dresdens... so pretty and lots of stitching to get them done... O wonder what next..

  2. I will go over and see what the community garden is all about...looks very interesting. shame about the rain although I am sure the plants loved it. I have also never seen pink strawberry flowers pretty! and I love your dresden plates too.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. Such a pity it rained for the birthday party. But then again, rain is what plants love! Sounds like you still had a great time anyway.

  4. sounds like a wonderful day!
    love your Dresden plates. How have you put the blades together?

  5. what a fun happy post Michelle,sounds like so much fun learning new ideas and love those Dresdens.xx

  6. Hello MIchelle,

    A day out with friends,cakes and plants and rain what more could you ask for. Have fun stitching up the plates.
    Happy days.

  7. Our strawberry plants have always had red flowers. New variety perhaps. I would like to learn more about organic gardening.

  8. Beautiful photos of the gardens, your dresden plates are looking great.

  9. Oo must try & get over there to have a look at the community garden. It looks wonderful. The cake was fun looking. Love your Dresdens. Hugs,xx

  10. What a wonderful Garden Michelle, great to see such happy faces under the Brollys.
    Your Dresden Plates are beautiful.
    Happy Sewing.

  11. Lovely cake in the garden.
    Pretty plates, love the rich colours.

  12. The garden looks great despite the rain. Love your Dresden plates and can see why you want to stitch them to everything.

  13. What a fun day you had, even n the rain! Very pretty Dresden plates, they are coming together well.

  14. What a wonderful Community Garden. It looks stunning. These are a great idea.
    Nice to see someone selling homemade produce, too. Hope they did well regardless of the rain.
    Love seeing those Dresdens growing.
    PS. That was a great post from Pauline, too.

  15. The garden looks beautiful, and it's always inspiring to be around passionate people, whether they are stitchers or not. I can see why you love your dresdens so much, they look fabulous.

  16. Sounds like a lovely day, the garden looks beautiful. Your dresden plates are gorgeous, lovely colours. xx

  17. What a beautiful way to spend a day.

    Although Im not a gardener I certainly enjoy seeing the results of the labour of those who are and I always appreciate the beauty and hard work it takes.

    And that cake is wonderful (and so appropriate for a garden theme party )

  18. Love those dresdens. beautiful fabrics used

  19. looks like you all had a wonderful day! Love your dresdans, any form of EPP is addictive lol, so relaxing to sit and stitch!

  20. Had a fun day, it was great. Thanks Michelle, Diane and Wendy.

  21. Oh my, they are beautiful Dresdens and yummy sweets from the home baked stall. Looks like you had fun in the rain. Have a wonderful day, hugs Pauline


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