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Friday, July 19, 2013


Tonight I am linking up with other stitcher's for ...
Hosted by the lovely Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts. It is a nice feeling knowing other stitcher's are sewing along with you and enjoying treats too....
As Mr R and I are babysitting a couple of our Grandies tonight I can't promise huge inroads into my UFO's but I will definitely be trying to get a couple of stitches in and there WILL be chocolate. So all the 'necessaries' are in place. If I do manage a few stitches I think it will be on my blue version of my birdies...
I haven't touched it since I began so a bit of attention is required. That's the plan anyway. Babies actually don't understand about plans do they. Ah well I will be there in spirit at least.
I have however been very diligent with my hand quilting and I am now on to the borders and quilting the hexies... there are little ones.
and there are long ones...
I had all sorts of plans to do all sorts of different quilting on this but I was having such a lovely relaxing time with my meandering quilting I have just kept on going with it. I really love this quilt. I definitely feel like I am embracing my 'inner mudiness' with these didn't know there was such a thing???
 That is it from me today. Off to attend to all the admin jobs that need doing.
Don't forget if you are interested in my two new designs just email me at -
I wish you all a relaxing weekend doing something that makes your heart sing (or at the very least hum)
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Congratulations on your new patterns. Your quilting is turning out gorgeous. I have not done much hand quilting mostly machine quilting. But I am liking the way it looks.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Have fun tonight, whether any stitching is done or not. I love your meandering too.

  3. Cute little blue birds! I wouldn't call those colours muddy, but as I like them too.....what do I know? *grin*

  4. See you tonight Michelle. Even if it is only for a short time!

  5. Good luck with the stitching tonight. You are making good progress with the hand quilting and the little bluebirds will be so cute!

  6. cute little blue birdie and I do admire hand quilting.... see you tonight...however much is done it is still progress...

  7. Have fun tonight.. any stitching is always a bonus and you DO have chocolate!

  8. Ohh play with the grandies!!! ll be stitching tonight too!! Your quilting looks wonderful!

  9. Enjoy your evening - stitching and children - sounds like my house!

  10. Your hand quilted hexies look gorgeous. Your new patterns are lovely too, have fun tonight!

  11. Your hexies are looking fabulous! I cant wait for the big reveal.

    I hope you survived baby sitting AND all that chocolate!


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