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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wild & Woolly Weekend

Good morning everyone. What a weekend!!! My heart goes out to all those poor people who suffered through the 2011 floods and have had and continue to have the most anxiety ridden time. Some residents in the Lockyer Valley, Gympie and Ipswich have only just finished repairing their flood damaged homes from last time. Poor Bundaberg or "Bundy" as it is affectionately known to Queenslanders is suffering so much. I have family between Bundy and Maryborough so I have a soft spot for this  beautiful area of our state. Thankfully all my family are safe. Hang in there Bundy!
We were safe and dry for which I am extremely thankful for....a bit of a river through our side garden but nothing whatsoever to complain about.
The wind was shocking and we fully expected to find our very tall palm trees blown out of the ground but they stayed put.

Our Son and his little family lost power 1pm Sunday and are still waiting for it to be restored along with many others but at least they are safe and so is their home. Cooked brekky and some hot showers were in order from the parents and happily given.
Today, despite all that has gone before I have to mention that is a very special day because our eldest Grandson....
Starts Prep year at school. I know it is a cliche but the time seems to have flown by. His Grandad and I are wishing him a wonderful day. He is very excited and keen to go. So you just know I will have piccies in the uniform coming too.
On the sewing front it was more quilting....
and quite a bit of DVD watching and keeping a check on our fellow Queenslanders via the News.
I hope that everyone is restored to their homes as quickly as possible and that the suffering and clean ups aren't too drawn out for them all. My prayers also go out to those in NSW now facing more of the same.
Blessings and Prayers to all,
Michelle xxx


  1. how exciting your grandson starting school i have a GD starting her 1st day of school as well on thursday.
    Yes its devastating whats happening with the floods and fires,my heart goes out to all the affected people,and i am glad you and your family are safe Michelle.xx

  2. Hello Michelle,

    He has the most stunning eyes, I am sure his first day will be fun. I think everyone in Australia feels for those communities which are being affected again by floodwaters. Happy stitching.

  3. I am sure your Grandson will love his first day at school. More gorgeous stitching you are working on too. I am so glad that you and yours are safe and I send our thoughts and prayers to those involved in these floods and fires.

  4. I want to join with you in your concerns for all those hit by this terrible weather. It is hard to think that many are the same who were flooded 2 years back.
    Best wishes to your grandson for a wonderful first day.

  5. It certainly has been a time of extremes. I'm glad to hear you are safe and hope that the worst is over so the cleanup can begin. Your grandson looks very grown up at his graduation....he has a lot of fun ahead.

  6. How special for your grandson , such an exciting time in a young boy's life . Oh dear all that flooding is horrible , I hope the waters subside soon and the rain stops so clean up can commence and people can get back to their homes , stay safe. Hugs

  7. Your Grandson must be so excited. Nelson is starting secondary school next Monday and can't wait. Although it's a bit different for him as the boys' school goes from Prep to Year 12. He now gets to go down the stairs at the back of the primary for school!

  8. It doesn't seem so long since those floods of two years ago, does it? And to think that Victoria is still having bad bush fires.....good luck to your grandson!

  9. Glad to hear you and your family are safe and well Michelle. Your little grandson is very cute - they grow up even quicker once they start school - unbelievable where the time goes.

  10. Where is all this extreme weather coming from! The UK was the same last year, one flood after another.

  11. Glad to hear YOU are OK... we are having such diverse weather fronts this season so far. Stay out of harms way... and fingers crossed for Bundy!

  12. glad you are all safe.... such a mess made....

  13. Hi Michelle....glad to hear you are well and safe up there in beatiful exciting for your Grandson to start school!

  14. great picture of your grandson !!
    And your stitching on the strawberrie cupcakes I realy like !

  15. OH gosh! My husband was telling me about a storm over there. I hope everyone is ok and safe. Everyone is in my prayers. Your grandson is so sweet. The time does seem to go by fast. My son just had is 23rd birthday. Seems like he was just in 1st grade.


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