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Monday, January 21, 2013

Making a Journal

Good morning. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. The heat found us again on Saturday so it was another day of family cooling off in the pool and a little stitching. I also couldn't get my nose out of my book on Sunday. When I caught up with my friend Noela last week she had made some lovely journals and she showed me how she had made them and encouraged me to have a go which is just what I did.
I was really pleased that I could follow the directions (amazing for me, that's why I design my own becasue I am really bad with instructions). I started with a very plain one to see how the pattern worked although I was a little nervous as I love this fabric. I
 then got a bit braver and I even added a little stitchery to one to use as a gift for a special someone.
These two are completed and I began another one.....
They are very addictive. My only complaint would be that even though I used an A5 journal I think perhaps it may have been a touch too big as they were a very snug fit. Could also be my sewing as I have said before there always seems to be a discrepancy between the tape measure and my brain. Never mind this measure twice and cut once. I can measure 20 times and still cut it wrong. LOL. I am going to have a look at some other brands of journals and I am hoping that if I make a few more they will get better.
On Friday the lovely postie bought me a sweet little note from Cheryll. You see we had a swapper who let her partners yes 'partners' down in recent swaps and I volunteered to be one of the monthly Angels (which I loved) and as a thank you Cheryll sent me 2 of her lovely quilt labels. Thank you Cheryll.
Aren't they cute! Now on the subject of swapping you will see on my sidebar the pledge button. It lets everyone know that I have taken the pledge to be a responsible and caring swapper. If you click on the button you can read about it and take the pledge too.
My thoughts about sending someone a gift are "If you don't like it or wouldn't want to receive it chances are your swap partner won't either" so think about who is receiving your gift and give from your heart (which does not have to mean expensive just thoughtful) and not your junk draw. If you can't commit to it DON'T do it. There is no shame in saying "sorry not this time" and it will save a whole load of disappointment (a) for the recipient and (b) in yourself for letting them down. So be a kind and thoughtful swapper :)
Here endeth the lesson!!!!
I wish you all a safe and wonderful week,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. lovely journal covers starting there.... I hear they can be a bit addictive???

  2. Journal covers look pretty good to me
    You have to wonder about the swappers who can not return the gifts given so lovingly to them
    I remember my very first swap
    The parcel arrived extremely late(at least it arrived) and then when I opened it Nothing fitted with the theme of the swap and the gifts were two very dirty doyleys
    The swap Mama made me a beautiful gift in it's place and encouraged me to persist with swaps
    Thank fully most of them since have been lovely

  3. Your journals look lovely Michelle.

  4. I knew you would be able to make a journal Michelle and here you are with three. If they are a bit snug, cut the fabric slightly larger. Just experiment till you get it how you like. The ones you have made are lovely. Hugs.....

  5. hi michelle you did a lovely job of the journal cover,when i make mine i measure around the book while it is closed and then i add 3/4" for seams and i do the same for the height of the book as i do 1/4" seams it still leaves 1/4" to play with and i find it a lovely fit and then you can make covers to whatever size journals you have,have a good day my friend.xx

  6. Well said, Michelle.
    Lovely journal covers. Definitely addictive by the look of it.

  7. Your covers are sweet..a wonderful gift idea!

  8. Now there is something I have been going to do for ages,make a journal cover , now I see your lovely work it makes me want to even more so ;-) I have not take part in swaps lately not that I didn't enjoy doing them but a couple of bad experiences and it leaves a bad taste so I am happier to stay clear for now and when I read about swappers that don't follow through it is so maddening as most people go out of their way to do the best they possibly can ,like you said if you can't commit don't sign up. hugs Sheila

  9. Your Journal Covers are looking good Michelle.
    Yes I agree about Swapping..

  10. Your journals look great. They are perfect for adding a bit of stitching or some applique.
    I'm with you on never getting the size right. My seams always are too narrow and then when I compensate they are too big. Can't win.

  11. Journal covers seem to be as addictive as thread catchers...Maybe a difference is in the wadding you used too - a thicker one will be a snugger fit - you'll get it - "Practice makes Perfect" [Second lesson of the day]

  12. Lovely journal covers, I have struggled a bit getting the size right too, I think it is having the same measuring brain kink :)

  13. Love the journals. they are such a good pressie. I agree with the swaps too. I have just dropped off a guardian angel swap to someone who was let down in 4 months. Thanks for dropping by as well. I do love my hexies and am so glad JT2 is done.

  14. Lovely journal covers. Great to personalize as gifts too. Wise words about swapping.

  15. Very cute journal covers Michelle - they look a bit addictive

  16. Lovely journal covers....they are such fun to do but Im sure some of mine have a problem with being too large as well! Fantastic words on the swapping! xoxo

  17. Wonderful journals.....and Chez is very generous...

  18. The journal covers are wonderful and I love the fabrics you used. The swap pledge is very important after recent events.

  19. Oh so true Michelle... you just have to write NO next to swaps sometimes! I don't know how anyone could let someone else down like that!
    But your journal covers are sweet.. especially the one embroidered for ??
    Whoever receives it will LOVE it! :)

  20. Very interesting to read what you had to say about "swaps", my very first swap was last Christmas, all my gifts arrived on Christmas eve instead of 1 each month or as worked out between swappers, I mailed mine in 3 month lots & had to ask each time if they had its NO more swaps for me. On a happier note..the journal covers are lovely & I love your stitchery designs.

  21. I totally agree with your thoughts on swaps, also a thank you shouldn't be too hard to expect either! Speaking from experience.
    I've made a couple of journal covers,you've reminded me I should make some more. The fabrics in your journal covers are pretty.

  22. Adorable journal covers!



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